Tuesday, June 27, 2006

About the Peanut

Name: Daphne Claire
Age: 3 weeks, 1 day
Weight: 8 lb, 6 oz.
Eyes: Still blue so far.
Hair: Red (?!) and unruly

Likes: Sleeping, eating, bath-time (especially hair washing), toys, making funny faces, taking walks with daddy, swinging on the front porch, playing on the Gymini.

Dislikes: Diapers, diaper changes, being woken up from napping, having to wait more than thirty seconds for food.

Best friends: Ralph Monkey, Mommy and Daddy.

It has been quite an adjustment, but we are all doing well. Sorry I haven't had much time to call people or email or blog. I usually try to sleep when I have a block of time. Daphne is great, we are so proud of her. She is more and more alert every day, and she keeps us entertained with funny faces and baby noises. Hope you are all well. More blogs coming soon...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Peanut Has Landed!

Well, our Peanut (aka Daphne Claire) finally arrived on Monday June 5 at 1:25 in the afternoon. She is doing great, I am recovering nicely, and Kev and I are very proud and tired parents. The whole process was a great experience, and not anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be. The first picture is from Tuesday, when we brought her home, and the second one is from Thursday, when she was all dressed up in her Uncle Jeff outfit, and getting ready for Game One with her Mavs pacifier. As you all know by now, the Mavs won Game One, so all in all, I'd say it's been a pretty great week. Time to go enjoy a rare opportunity to nap. More soon!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


February Belly / June Belly

In the time it has taken the turkeys at the garage to fix Kev's car, my belly has grown this much. Take one last look, because after tomorrow, the belly will begin to disappear. Hopefully very quickly.

It is our last weekend as a family of two. We spent most of today dealing with the trim carpenters, who seemed to need more supervision than some of the other crews we've had. Maybe tomorrow we can actually do something fun, like see a movie. Something where I can sit down, because standing up, and especially walking, require a surprising amount of effort. Especially outside in the hot hot heat.

I'm not sure how much blogging will be done in the next few weeks, but I will try to at least get up a picture or two of the Peanut when we get her home, and maybe I will even publish her name for those of you who have been trying to figure it out. My dad had a dream that we named her "Cribby." I assure you, that is not the case.

Tonight is Game 6 of Mavs/Suns Western Conference Finals, and I am hoping the Mavericks can just finish them off tonight so I won't have to be worrying about how am I gonna watch Game 7 on Monday while I'm in labor. We are thinking about painting my belly like a basketball with "go Mavericks" or something on it, and then sending a picture to Mark Cuban to see if he will send us some of his spare money, or at least some tickets to a game next year. His behavior is really embarrassing to the organization, but he does give out a lot of free stuff to fans when they do wacky things.

OK, well, I'm signing off now so I can go have a baby. Talk to you later...