Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Beyond the Bags

Aaaah.  I am having a nice quiet morning.  Well, I was having a nice quiet morning.  There is a lot of hollering going on upstairs.  Not the bad kind of hollering, just the LOUD kind.  The kind that starts with "MOM!" and usually ends with something like  "I CAN'T FIND ANY SOCKS!"   I'm ignoring it at the moment.  It doesn't really sound urgent.

I was up early today for some reason, even though I could have actually slept in a little.  Last night after Daphne went to bed, Kev and I exchanged our Christmas gifts.  We always do it a few days early so we have time to play with our new toys before Christmas, and it's one of my favorite holiday traditions.  We put on the "She and Him" Christmas CD, got some eggnog, and started unwrapping.  We both received a lot of nice things...I got a new zoom lens for my camera and a gift certificate for a digital photography class, an awesome giant slow-cooker, a book of my blog from 2007, and SHOES!  Kev got a punch tool that makes guitar picks, a mini-theramin kit, and a resonator ukulele.  We both got some cds and records and a few other things.  It was nice just to sit on the couch and hang out with Kev, who is now finally at the end of being sick and can actually breathe and taste food.  Thanks, Kev, for all the great gifts.  Yay!

Last weekend, Daphne spent the night in Manassas, and I went over the next morning for Christmas Cookie Baking Day with Grandma (and Grandpa).  Another one of my favorite traditions...I remember it from when I was a kid.  I hope Daphne will, too.

I didn't really get very crafty this year.  Sadly, there are no hand-knitted gifts.  But I did make Daphne some new Christmas PJs:

I was really happy that she likes can be kinda "meh" about getting clothes for Christmas.  But she put these dachshund ones on right away and started striking JC Penney catalog poses:

I gave them to her early, because the kids had a party at school on Tuesday and were supposed to wear pajamas.  She wore the ones above, with the "Christmas Dogs" fabric.

The party at school was a "snowman" party, and it sounded like it was really fun.  They put all the Kindergarteners in the cafeteria with wadded up balls of paper and they had a snowball fight.  Then, the teachers wrapped their feet in wax paper so they could "ice skate."  THEN, they gave the kids the following things, all at once:  a giant glazed doughnut with sprinkles, hot chocolate with marshmallows and a candy cane to stir it with, gummy bears, and M&Ms.  Then, they sent them HOME. All hopped up on sugar, like Buddy the Elf.

Here is who got off the bus:

You may notice the doughnut icing all over her face and the crazy look in her eye.  Signs of a good time, I reckon.  Needless to say, it was a challenging afternoon for me.  ( I seriously considered letting her go to town on the leftover Halloween candy yesterday right before I sent her to school to show the teachers what they missed).

But, I'm glad they do these things for the kids every once in a while, because they almost NEVER get any playtime at school.  Daphne had a blast.  I wish I could have been there to see all those kids ice skating around the cafeteria in their PJs.  So much fun. 

On Sunday, the Daisies got together for a Christmas craft-party, where they made up boxes of gifts for some local seniors.  They had a great time, and yesterday we delivered the boxes to the Senior Center where they were much appreciated.

School is out now for the holidays, and I am going to take a break from the computer and spend time with my family.  Have a great Christmas, and I'll catch up with you in the new year. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Number 20:  Stroll downtown to the King's Court Tavern for some Dixieland Jazz.  This was our favorite activity last year, and it was nice this year too.  Good music:

Time to finish up the teacher's Christmas cards while waiting for dinner.

The best fish and chips in Northern Virginia.

 And coloring in the new coloring book with Daddy.
Good times.

Fifteen thru Nineteen

Fifteen:  We were supposed to go downtown for jazz at the pub, but Kev was still sick, so instead there was PEZ and snowman glasses.  They make the lights on the tree look like this:

Sixteen:  Really Big Gingerbread Man from Trader Joe's.  We haven't had a chance to decorate it yet, but we will.  Someday.  If it's not in a million pieces.

Seventeen:  An ornament for Quincy.  Can't leave out Quincy.  He's part of the family.

Eighteen:  ELF night!  At last!  We all put on our PJs, picked a cookie, and watched the greatest Christmas movie of all time.  My face hurt from smiling for 90 minutes.  Will Farrell is a genius.

Nineteen:  Make Christmas cards for the teachers. 

Phew!  So much more to write, but no time now.  Off to deliver cookies to Daphne's school.  It's her last day before break.  And my last 4 hours of alone time to finish projects.  Down to the wire as usual.  Ho ho ho!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today at school, Daphne learned about St. Lucia and Christmas in Sweden.  Hence the hat.  Bag fourteen was a Snoopy decoration kit.  We put on the Pink Martini Christmas CD and enjoyed some quiet time doing arts and crafts by the tree.

Kev is still sick.  Not good.  He is miserable and can't sleep, but still has to go to work.  Plans must be changed.  Bags must be re-arranged.  People who aren't very good at being flexible are having to be flexible.  The good news is, Daphne is a lot better, I'm not sick (knock on wood), and Kev should be well by Christmas. 

Yesterday I did my million errands.  Today, projects. The train keeps a'rollin...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twelve and Thirteen

Daphne was still pretty sick last night, so there are no photos of Bag #12.  Inside was a note that said, "Family Movie Night" and there was an accompanying package containing the Chipmunk's Christmas DVD.  We watched it - it was nice and short - right before bed.

Tonight, Bag #13 said, "Let's read a book."  Last year, we got the Grinch book, and this year it was a book called "The Christmas Magic."  I want to get us a new Christmas book each year so Daphne will have a collection when she grows up.

It is a nice story with calm and peaceful illustrations.  I like it.

Daphne stayed home sick again today, and we had to miss Piano/Art lessons and the Daisy meeting.  I got my Christmas cards done, but not much else.  She's going to school tomorrow.  But it was nice having her home with me for a couple of days.  We just took it easy.  Now, Kev is sick.  I am determined to stay well.  If I get sick, Christmas may not come.  Tomorrow I have a million errands.

Monday, December 12, 2011

WIP (Weekend In Pictures)

Inside Bag Number 10, on Saturday morning, were some fancy chocolate-coated peppermint marshmallows and a note that said, "Time for hot chocolate."  Perfect timing, because it was nigh upon the annual Leesburg Christmas Parade (excuse me, the Leesburg Christmas and Holiday Parade, as it's now known).  And it was pretty cold outside.

So, we drank hot chocolate and watched the parade.  Here it comes:

There were lots of scout troops marching and passing out candy.  Daphne's school made a float (they were the only school that did...I really love Daphne's school).  Below are the Principal (right) and Assistant Principal carrying the banner:

And here is a happy kid, all full of hot chocolate and with a bag full of candy at her side, giving a wave

to Santa!

Living on the parade route is a really cool thing which I do not take for granted.  I am very thankful that we don't have to drive to it and find parking and all that, and I am glad Daphne will have this in her set of childhood memories.  ('Cause she's probably never going to Disney).  (Just kidding).  (But only sorta).

Saturday afternoon was the Big Princess Birthday Party.  It was a LOT of work but it went very well and the customer seemed pleased.  The little girl LOVED it, but it probably matters more that the mommy did.  But I think we did well for our first gig.  Glad it's over.  I got home just in time to see Santa on his annual trip down our cul-de-sac on the fire truck.  I would have been really sad if I'd missed it.  Thanks to Kev for watching Daphne all day so I could go to work.  She started coming down with a cold that afternoon and is home from school today, still sick.

Yesterday, we all needed a break, so Bag number 11 declared it was Family Day.  I got to pick breakfast (baked oatmeal - yum!),  Daphne got to pick a board game (Wildlife Memory), and Kev got a new Ukulele Christmas music book for Family Band Time, which we had up in the attic.  Here is Daphne as One-Man-Band:

We were also supposed to go pick out an ornament for this year, but skipped it since Daphne was sick.  We did decide to go to a drive-through Nativity last night, though, since you didn't have to leave the car.  We even wore our pajamas.  Which turned out to be a good thing, because Daphne fell asleep in the car before we even entered the scene.  The line of cars was miles long and really really slow.  We left the house at about 7:00, and it was almost 9:30 when we got home.  The church was only five minutes from the house!  So, Daphne, who could actually breathe because she was sitting straight up, fell sound asleep while we were still out on the highway.  Kev would have fallen asleep too, but he was driving so I wouldn't let him.  At last, we made it to see Baby Jesus:

and some camels:

and the rest of the production, which was really nice but maybe not totally worth the wait in line for two hours with a sick, sleeping kid.  I was disappointed that she missed it.  She would have liked it I think.

Today I am going to try to get some things done, like Christmas cards and other little house projects, but I know it won't be easy with Daphne home from school.  That's OK, though.  I guess a little rest, even if it's forced, might be good for me.  Better go check on the sick kid now.  Hope your weekend was good too!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Seven and Eight

Bag 7:  Make Your Own Christmas Mug.  Just in case there is eventually hot chocolate.  (Hmm...perhaps some Bag foreshadowing).

And Bag 8 - the most fun so far - Christmas Charades.  Here is Rudolf:

And here is the Heat Miser:

I think these are the same ones she got last year.  She was also Professor Hinkle from Frosty.   I was the Grinch, Buddy the Elf and Cindy-Lou Who.  Thank goodness there are no pictures of that.  Kev was Santa, Frosty, and Charlie Brown.  It is harder than you think to come up with Christmas charades ideas.  But it is a lot of fun to play.

Kev pulled out Daphne's 2nd tooth last night.  She looks pretty funny.

Today, out of nowhere, she asked me if there is such a thing as bacon dot com.  As a matter of fact, it turns out, there is!  Everyone loves bacon.  Who knows where she comes up with these questions, though.

OK.  The couch is calling me...