Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Music News and a Musical Fun Fact

My friend Ken is going to be on Jay Leno this Thursday night with his band, the great Old 97s! He is nervous because he said he has to play a tricky guitar solo. So watch if you can, or set up your Tivo. Also, their new CD comes out May 13.

In other music news, the PPHPHB has slowy been recording some new songs. Our new CD will probably come out by the time Daphne starts middle school.

FUN FACT: Apparently, male mosquitos are driven insane by the musical note "C." I am going to do some research to prove it. If it's true, then it's time to invent some motorized chimes that play a constant "C." Then again, constant C chiming might drive me insane too. Too bad no-one has invented a removeable chime silencer.

Kev has ordered a new computer, but it will not be here for several more days. I will continue to blog short blogs when I can.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day!

So far, my dad is winning the LRHS Earth Day Challenge 2008. Today he planted two trees.

Today for Earth Day, we tried re-using a paper towel roll as a pretend telescope/pretend trumpet. But then Daphne chewed the end and it got all soggy and fell apart. But it was fun for a little while.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Earth Day Eve!

A quick little blog before Kev takes the computer.

Tomorrow is Earth Day! And even though EVERY day should be Earth Day, I'm glad maybe some extra attention will be brought to making our home cleaner and healthier.

This year, we switched to Green Mountain Energy, and I got re-usable bags for the grocery store. And our neighborhood finally got recycling bins, so we've been using those. It isn't much, but it's SOMEthing.

So, I hope you will take the LRHS challenge, and report back at least one nice thing you did for the planet this week. I might just give away a prize.

Time to go hang my flag!

(PS. Smarty-pantses won't win)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Got No Time

Hi, and please don't stop reading this blog. I can't post often because Kev takes the computer to his new work, and because I am furiously working on preparing stuff for a craft fair next weekend. I will try to blog more blogs when I get a chance...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Five Years



Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What is the What

Here is the book I have been talking about. I borrowed it from LarryFeathers, and didn't think I would read it because it is a serious and heavy book with very small print. But I did read it, and I'm very glad I did because it has really affected me. It is a novel, but it is based on the real life of Valentino Achak Deng. Achack grew up in Sudan and became a refugee at about age six or seven when his village was attacked during the very scary and confusing Sudanese conflict. He then walked with a group of other young boys from Sudan to Ethiopia where a camp was established, only to be driven out of Ethiopia and into Kenya and another camp. He was finally chosen several years later to go to the US and start a new and better life. If you want to know how that all turned out, you'll have to read the book. But, here is what he went through in Africa in a nutshell: His village was attacked, his home was burned, he was separated from his parents and had no idea if they survived. He WALKED to Ethiopia. During this walk, he had almost no food and no water and only the clothes he was wearing. He had to worry, during this walk, that at any time he could be attacked by soldiers or bandits. He had to worry about disease like malaria. And if all that wasn't enough, there were LIONS. LIONS!!! He had to swim across the Nile where he could see crocodiles waiting to eat him, but he didn't have a choice because there were guys shooting at him as he ran away. All this, and he was only a little boy. So, you can see what I mean by it being serious and heavy. But, surprisingly, there are some really funny moments in the story, and some uplifting moments too. I wish everyone would read this book. It will help you remember that no matter how stressful your life is, at least there are no LIONS. Can you imagine? I reckon we have it pretty good.

After I read the book, I realized that a lot of the guys that work at my grocery store were probably Lost Boys from Sudan, like Achak. I wanted to talk to them so badly. I wanted to know their stories. Mostly, I wanted to make sure they were OK and were being treated well and fairly here in Dallas. I wanted to invite them all over for dinner. But how do you even start?

It just amazes me what is allowed to go on in the world.

So, anyway, I really recommend this book. It is a great story. And if you are inspired at all to learn more or help, you can go to and read about what Achack is doing now. It's pretty cool.

And THAT is the What is the What.

Focaccia-cha-cha, Pancho Returns!, and Yo Yo Mommy

On Sunday, I went with my mom to a baking class at Sur la Table. It was really fun, and we learned how to make herbed focaccia among other things. So I decided to make some at home. There it is, above. It was my first time to make a bread from scratch with yeast, and it turned out really good and made the house smell great. Next time, I shall use more herbs. I was too conservative.

This morning, we realized we did a bunch of laundry including a stick of lip balm which was left in a pocket accidentally. There are now oil spots all over lots of our clothes. My favorite skirt is ruined. RUINED! As we were lamenting this situation, I looked into the back yard, and who came scampering across the lawn but Pancho, our long lost possum, this time with MRS Pancho following right behind. They apparently have moved in under our back porch. Welcome back, little friend. Please don't bite the Peanut! If you have forgotten the tale of Pancho, you can search this blog for more posts, or listen to this PPHPHB classic (scroll down to Song for Pancho):

That is Julie and Rob on vocals, by the way. Great work.

This morning, Yo Yo Ma was on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, so we got out the old family cello and sqeaked around a little. I love Mister Rogers. I hope he has a show about going to the doctor soon. And maybe one about how you can't really eat oatmeal with your fingers.

One more quick thing. Daphne has all these Playschool Little People, like 12, and all but three have disappeared. While they were in NY, I looked all over for these missing Little People. I looked under the couch, between the cushions, everywhere I thought Daphne could have possibly shoved, stuffed, or hidden them, and no luck. They're just gone. I'm thinking about offering a reward. Where have all the Little People gone??!! It's a mystery.

OK, so there's a quick blog for ya. I haven't forgotten about What is the What, but it deserves a post I can concetrate on.