Monday, July 31, 2006

A Girl and her Monkey

Marathon Weekend

Would you believe it if I told you I did two marathons this weekend? Well, it's true. First, there was the all-day Saturday Star Trek marathon. Now, I have never watched Star Trek. That is until I met Kev. I have now seen about 10 episodes, and I have to admit I enjoy watching it. Probably not for the right reasons, though. I watch it for the comedy. I have to really try hard not to laugh out loud and risk offending people in my house that like Star Trek for other reasons. But man, oh man, is it a funny show. How can you not laugh at James T Kirk being pursued VERY slowly by a Sleestack-looking lizard man, giving Kirk just enough time to find everything he needs to make gunpowder, not to mention materials to make a gun and something to light it with. HI-larious.

Speaking of hilarious, also this weekend I was treated to a Hee-Haw marathon. Hee-Haw is hilarious because of the clothes. Such wide collars and impressive mutton-chops are rare on TV these days. Plus, there is the genius of Mr. Buck Owens to make Hee-Haw watchable. The stuff that is supposed to be funny, however, sadly is not. The jokes seem like they came from a joke-book like the ones I checked out from the library as a kid. But I loved watching it. I remembered the words to all the songs from the reglar skits. This is the kind of stuff taking up space in my brain that I should probably be using for math. Oh well.

We had a great weekend. When I have more time, I shall blog about Geo-Cache-ing. For now, I need to pay some bills before the Peanut wakes up. Happy Last Day of July!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I was just thinking that "The Daphne Claire" would be a good name for a sailboat. If Kev and I ever get rich, learn to sail, and buy a boat, we have a name for it. But that doesn't seem likely to happen. Do people name canoes?

Prediction: Based on frequency of usage around our house, the Peanut's first word will be either poop, toot, or burp.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blog Rut

So, it's about 9:15 pm and the baby is taking a cat-nap. This could be bad news, as it might mean she will be difficult to get to sleep after her next meal, which is at about 9:30. Since she is asleep, I have 15 minutes to do whatever I want (except go to sleep, which is what I want most), so I have decided to blog. My blog is in danger of becoming nothing but baby photos, and it has been suggested that I write something more interesting or risk losing the 2 or 3 readers I have left. Problem is, nothing interesting, or at least nothing non-baby-related, ever happens to me these days. My life is like the movie Groundhog Day, except in 3-hr cycles instead of 24-hr ones. Not that I am complaining. At least it is an excuse to stay home and avoid going outside in the hot hot heat. Summer will be over before I know it, and except for the berries going away, I won't miss it a bit.

There are other things i'd like to do with my 15 minutes, but it's too late a night to start on projects. I have a scrapbook to make (too involved), some housepants to hem (need help pinning them up), some thank-you notes to write (I'm too cranky for that), and my melodica to practice (too loud). And there is also the half-finished novel I haven't picked up since the Peanut's birthday, but I am too sleepy for reading comprehension.

Well, my 15 minutes is up, and after re-reading this, I don't feel I used the time wisely. Sorry to both of you reading this. I will try to come up with something better soon...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wake Up, Peanut.

Time to Wake Up!

But I don't wanna wake up...

Sorry, not gonna do it.

Aaaaaaah! Back to sleep.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Cousin Shout Out

Welcome Baby Katy (Katie?)! And congratulations to Darlene, Pat, and Ryan. We can't wait to see her. Glad you are all well!

PS: Nice of you to name the baby after her Uncle K and Aunt T (K-T)!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Two Faces of Peanut

One is a Mommy face. One looks like Daddy. Can you guess which is which? (Hint: Daphne only looks like me when she is distressed)

Shout Out to Two Martys

My lucky little Peanut has two Uncle Martys. Actually, she has one Uncle Marty and one Great Uncle Marty. That doesn't mean that the one who isn't Great isn't great. He just isn't Great. Happy Birthday to both!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Addition

Figured i might as well post these while I have a minute. This is before we put some furniture in.

Daddy's Little Fatty

Have just returned from my first trip to Central Market with the Peanut, and I will say it was a success. She cried (screamed!) all the way there in the car, so I thought the trip was doomed, but she fell asleep just as I pulled into the parking lot, and slept the whole time I was shopping, and is in fact still asleep in the car seat, which is how I am able to blog. It is my first full day going solo with Daphne, and I am a little scared, but I intend to prove to myself I can handle it. Our friends in New York have a two-year-old boy and infant twins, so I reckon I can deal with one good little baby for 8 or 9 hours (shout out to Nate and Angela and their crew).

Had a nice weekend with Kev's parents who came to visit. They stayed in our new room, which is finished. I will post pictures sometime, but I can't say when. I was telling them over the weekend that when I was pregnant, I had these big ideas that after the baby came, every morning I'd take her to the lake or the Katy trail for a walk, and then she'd take a nap while I did laundry or other chores, and then I'd leisurely read a book or magazine, and it was all very blissful and serene. HA! I've been assured those days will come...don't know if I'm buying it. I'll be lucky to get a shower today. I know it's gross, but I may have to choose between a shower and a nap, and I'm gonna pick nap. Well, time to see if I can get the baby out of the carseat without waking her up. It's time for her to eat (again!) anyway.

Come visit us...we have room now!