Monday, February 27, 2012


Our weekend was pretty low-key.  We didn't have any girl scout activities or birthday parties to attend.  Daphne was still feeling a little yucky from the strep, but we did get out of the house on Saturday to go to the mall (Daphne has suddenly out-grown all of her pants!), lunch (lobster bisque!) and grocery shopping.

Sunday, Misters Tim and Jeff came over for a little band time.  It was really fun.  The guys sounded great, and I even joined in a couple songs on fiddle.  We discovered that the secret to playing the fiddle is re-tuning the violin to AEAE instead of GDAE.  This allows you to play chords a lot more easily, and I was able to sound like I sort of actually knew what I was doing.  Daphne played shakers and sang a little.  Good times.  The plan is to try to get together and play once a month.  We'll see if that happens.  Maybe we can get a couple more people to join in and have a real hootenanny in the spring. 

The weekend ended with my new favorite show, The Worst Cooks in America.  I love that show.  Unlike most reality shows, I like pretty much all of the contestants, and I hate to see any of them get kicked off.  They are all trying so hard, but what a bunch of train wrecks!  Last night, there were steaks catching on fire, pizzas falling on the floor, and one poor girl poured a WHOLE BOX of pasta into her minestrone.  Oh wait.  That was me

It is Monday now.  I just put Daphne on the bus - her first day back to school post-strep - and I am completely alone for the first time in 10 days. It is nice.  I am going to have some lunch and knit.  Hope you had a good weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cabin Fever

I have left the house twice since Monday.  Once, to go pick up 28 cases of Girl Scout cookies from the middle school parking lot, and once to take Daphne to the doctor.  She has strep throat.  She doesn't feel all that bad, but she can't go to school because of the fever.  She has missed the entire week of school, as well as her piano and art lesson and her Daisy meeting (which was a free yoga class - we were both so disappointed to miss it).  There's not much food in the house.  Cooking has been minimal.  Kev went out to the store last night to get a few things, which is good.  Otherwise, we might be surviving on Girl Scout cookies.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

During her illness, Daphne has been watching a lot of Buddy movies.  The Buddies are 5 golden retriever puppies that speak English and have adventures.  They are terrible horrible no good very bad movies if you are an adult, but Daphne LOVES them, and they are sweet movies that don't require lengthy explanations about the meaning of The Force.  And during these Buddy movies, I was able to finish the first sleeve of my cardigan.  Woohoo!

One of Daphne's friends left a get well card and this bracelet in our mailbox this morning.  Daphne has been wearing it ever since.  That makes me happy.  Kids can be really really sweet.  I was telling a friend today that I dread the day the girls in Daphne's grade start being mean to each other.  I hope that's a long way off. 

Besides watching movies, Daphne has been spending time doing one of her favorite things:  taping stuff to other stuff.  She has hardly touched any of her toys this week, except her stuffed dogs who are always in the mix.  Instead, she has made various inventions with empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, pieces of string, and tiny pieces of paper.  And lots and lots of tape.  I told her that if she was going to invent things, she ought to start coming up with a leprechaun trap so we can avoid last year's St. Patrick's Day fiasco.  Here is a sneak peek at what she came up with so far:

Note the tape. The leprechaun is SURE to be fooled!  We'll catch one this year!  For real.

OK.  Back to knitting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jedis, Generals, and Scouts - Weekend in Pictures

Ready for Family Star Wars Day
 Saturday was all about Star Wars, which you can read about over here on What We Ate.
Then, we took a long walk:

Looking for something interesting.

Some kind of hawk.
Sketching the hawk.

We walked through some neighborhoods we've never visited before, and saw some interesting things:  
Somebody's hitching post.

The Big Bad Wolf's house?

Yard Art.

On Sunday, Daphne and I had a sleepover in Manassas, and on Monday, Uncle Jeff took us to Mount Vernon to celebrate President's Day at George Washington's house.  Daphne even earned a Girl Scout patch.

The General addresses the crowd.
The soldiers prepare to charge.
Daphne and the General

The President's mansion.

Plus, there was this giant pig.

And we got to spend a lot of time with this good little puppy dog:

Teaching Scout some self-control.
The good puppy.
A good weekend, but now Daphne is sick.  Too much President's Day partying.  I think today we'll rest on the couch and watch a good movie.  Perhaps there will be knitting.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diamond Dave Tells a Good Story

Brown M&Ms from Van Halen on Vimeo.

In high school, I used to like Van Halen.  I don't anymore.  But this is still worth watching.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Great Big Weekend

Our weekend was big.  There was a lot of cooking and eating.  We went to the movies.  I attempted to play a fiddle.  Kev played some drums.  Daphne played some kazoo.  We went to a cooking class, had two play dates, and I went to Curves.  It was fun and crazy and exhausting. 

Wegman's has cooking classes for kids every other Saturday for $5.00, so the Daisy troop went over the weekend and learned to make smoothies, trail mix, and fruit tartlets.  They had a blast.  And it was only $5.00!  Wegman's is awesome.  If only they had amaretti cookies.  But that's another story.

Next weekend, we have nothing on the calendar.  So, Saturday, we are going to have Family Star Wars Day.  Daphne has been getting points for trying new foods.  She finally reached her goal of 20 points, and now she gets to watch Star Wars.    We're going to make a whole day of it.  There will be things like Darth Taters, Wookies and Cream ice cream, and Ham Solo sandwiches.  My dad suggested Obi Wan Cannoli, which is an awesome idea, but I don't like cannoli and we are already having the ice cream.  But if you have any funny Star Wars food pun suggestions, please comment.  Perhaps Princess Leia cinnamon buns for breakfast.  I reckon I'll be up in the middle of the night thinking about this.

May the Force be with you...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Class Valentines

So, this year, Daphne's class isn't having an official "party" for Valentine's Day.  I guess they are only allowed three parties a year, and this one didn't make the cut.  The kids still get to exchange Valentines, but it's sort of more like a homework assignment.  Very strict and specific instructions were sent home about what the students MUST (print name in d'nealian) and MUST NOT (send candy) UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES do.  The cards were due today.

Not to be intimidated, I was determined to still have SOME fun with Valentine's Day cards this year, so we stole an idea from the internet and made rubber stamps by putting foam stickers on corks and bottle caps.  While not as cute as last year's stolen Valentine idea, these were at least still hand made.  One of these days, Daphne is probably just going to want the Justin Bieber (good grief) ones from the grocery store, so I'm hanging on to crafty as long as I can.

Hey!  Look what was in our mailbox today!

When Kev gets home, we get to open it.  I'm afraid it might be a bit of a let-down though.  How can you possibly top alligator?

Another big weekend is here.  Cooking classes, play dates, the whale movie, and some cleaning.  Off to get a head start.  Or maybe a nap.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Albert - by Grandpa

My dad has been doing lots of good paintings lately, and this is one of my favorites.  This is Albert when he was a puppy.  He was so little when we went to get him from the SPCA.  His name was "Tommy."  He doesn't really look like a Tommy to me.  Albert suited him much better.  I miss you, Albert.


The craftiness continues around here. I decided to show Daphne how to do an embroidery back stitch.

She got the hang of it pretty quickly, and made a "D" with a circle around it.  She wants me to make it into a pillow for her stuffed dogs.

Meanwhile, at Daisies last night, the girls made Valentine's Day cards and crafts to swap with another Daisy troop as part of earning their "Be a Sister to all Girl Scouts" petal.  All of the parents pitched in to help, which was awesome because otherwise it could have been a disaster.

The girls did great, and we ended up with nice little Valentine bags to give to the other troop.  I think they will like it.  Violet petal earned!

Today after school, Daphne and I made a Valentine t-shirt using a doily and some fabric paint.  It should be noted that I don't care for the word "doily," but they do make nice stencils.

At the moment, it is snowing, but it will probably melt by tomorrow.  Yesterday it was warm enough to go outside without a coat.  Saturday night, Kev and I walked downtown to see a movie and it was snowing.  My bulbs are coming up, and they must be so confused.  Cold, warm, cold, warm.  Such a weird winter this year.

Kev and I saw The Descendents at the Tally Ho.  It was really great.  Go see it.  Take some kleenex.  Then we went to dinner at Palio, which was very's hard to go wrong with mushroom raviolis, especially when they have little amaretti cookies crumbled on top.  I have to remember that next time I make ravioli.

It was a really busy weekend.  Daphne had two birthday parties, Kev and I went out, and my parents, Jeff, and Scout the good new puppy came over for breakfast on Sunday.  This coming weekend, the Daisies have a cooking class on Saturday and Daphne has a play date on Sunday.  Never a dull moment.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

She's Crafty

Daphne is getting old enough now to do some pretty cool crafty stuff.  Yesterday, I got her a potholder loom like I had when I was a kid.  She did almost the whole thing by herself, and now I have a lovely and cheerful new potholder in my kitchen.  It's only February, but it looks like we have this year's Christmas gifts covered.  Potholders for all!

Friendship bracelets and finger knitting coming soon!