Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer of New Things

We have declared this the Summer of Trying New Things.  So far, most of the New Things have been foods.  Like this Kiwano Melon.   None of us are sure how to pronounce it, so we just call it the weird melon.  And it is weird.  It is green and sort of slimy inside, and tastes a little cucumbery.  Daphne liked it.  She gave it an 8.

Yesterday, Daphne and Kev decided to make Hawaiian Salad, with mango, pineapple, watermelon, and 2 new things, at least new to Daphne:  papaya, and fresh coconut, which we cracked open with some difficulty.  You can guess whether or not Daphne enjoyed this salad:

She got all dressed up for it, and entertained us with the Hawaiian Salad Hula:

I am not a fan of mango, papaya, or coconut, but in the spirit of things, I tried them all and have to say the mango was really good. 

The New Thing I am most looking forward to trying this summer is a lobster roll in Maine.  There are many new things I'd LIKE to try but probably won't get to, like basket-weaving and sleeping in a yurt.  Maybe someday.  It's good to have goals.

We are going to make a New Things chart to see who can get the most points this summer.  I don't think we've decided on a prize yet, but I bet it will involve ice cream.

Summer Isn't Slow

Last time I blogged a blog, I was cranky.  This is part of the reason.

There is just all this STUFF everywhere and I feel like I'm drowning in it.  Daphne just had a birthday and there is no place to put her new stuff because there is all this old stuff. 

Meanwhile, here is my knitting bag which has been untouched for months.  Sad.

But, we are slowly trying to make a dent in the mess.  It will take time.  But I am less cranky.  A little.  And there was a bright spot today when Daphne got into the spirit of things by making a donation pile.  Not a very big pile, but it was a big step for our little potential future hoarder.

Summer so far has been mostly about swimming lessons.  This week, we also went to pilates, went to a library program about fossils, hosted a summer camp meeting, and went to visit G-Ma, G-Pa, Uncle Jeff, and the good puppies in Manassas.  Kev and I went out Friday night to see the new Superman movie which was terrible, but that's another post.

We took some time to hang out at home a little during Father's Day weekend.  Daphne tried out her new Sno-Cone Maker:

And for Father's Day, she made Kev a fishing game.  Each fish has a paper clip on it.  She made a fishing pole with a magnet on the end, and when you catch a fish, you do the activity on the back (play a game, read a book, go out to lunch, take a walk, etc.).  She saw this idea in a magazine and did the whole thing by herself.  Kev loved it.

She also made him breakfast -  a yogurt parfait in a beer glass.

This weekend, I went to the mall with Kev to get some new clothes.  We went to lunch with my mom and dad, and this morning we went to breakfast to celebrate a good final report card.  I had LOBSTER GRITS!  This afternoon, we are going to a roller skating birthday party.  And tomorrow, we start all over again with more swimming and play dates and cleaning and stuff.  I will be ready for a vacation soon.  A vacation from summer vacation. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am grouchy today.  I stayed home all morning because it was supposed to storm, but it didn't.  So, now it's too hot out to go run errands.  It's too hot and that makes me cranky.  And there is all this STUFF everywhere in my house and that makes me cranky too.  I want to get a giant box and just start throwing stuff away.  We cleaned Daphne's room this morning when it was supposed to be storming, but there is nowhere to put things.  Her book shelves are completely full and she refuses to get rid of any to make room for new ones.  All the STUFF is taking over.  And I finished my book and that makes me cranky.  I was reading The Stand which is 1100 pages so you'd think it would have lasted longer but now I'm finished and I can't find anything to read and I don't want to start my book group book yet because I'll forget it by September if I read it now.  The Stand was both GREAT and UNSATISFYING at the same time.  Did I mention that it's hot?  Summer is my least favorite.

Here are the good things about summer:
  • Hanging out with Daphne (when she isn't cranky) (or whining).
  • Berries.
  • Vacations
That's all I can think of right now. Wait...
  • Iced coffee
Um...Yeah, that's it.

I really just need to find a solution to all the STUFF.  Then I will feel better.  It is dragging me down.


The best thing about summer is that fall is next.  Bring it on.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Well, Daphne's birthday season has finally come to an end, but not before several days in a row of Fun Overload.  

When I left off on my last post, it was the last day of school and I was on my way to get a pedicure.  My last little Mommy Time treat.  But, as the lady was painting my final toenail, my phone rang.  It was the school nurse.  Guess who didn't make it through the last day of school.  Nothing was wrong, really.  Daphne had a belly ache, probably due to eating 100 year old circus peanuts.  So, she came home a few hours early, and summer break began.

On Friday, she was feeling back to normal, so she went to a friend's house and played in the rain.  And the mud.  Then, there were pancakes.  This was possibly the Best Day Ever.  Summer Break!  Woo hoo!

When she got home, she took a much needed shower and we did a little sewing - sleeping bags for 4 American Girl dolls (Modeled above by Molly).  An easy project - rectangles and straight lines.  But the fabric was thick, and my machine didn't like that.  By the end of the afternoon, it was making some pretty bad noises.  Hopefully it only needs a little oil and a new needle.

On Saturday, we wrapped up our Girl Scout year with a swimming and sundae party at another friend's house.  It was, according to the girls,  SO. MUCH. FUN. They swam and swam and swam and ate ice cream and swam some more.  I got an awesome farmer tan.  I look ridiculous. I have SLEEVES.  But it's fading.  Anyway, the whole troop was there, including our two new recruits.  We are going to have a blast in Brownies.

On Sunday, Birthday Season continued with a celebration at G-Ma, G-Pa, and Uncle Jeff's.  Daphne got another American Girl Doll to be Molly's friend.  This one is a Just Like Me doll, and it does look pretty much Just Like Daphne.

I thought she would name her "Daphne II," but she named her "Emily" after Molly's friend in the book series.

Chief and Scout look a little Just Like Daphne, too:

 From Uncle Jeff, Daphne got some new books and a three pound bag of candy.  Thanks, Jeff.

Plus she got a cool Razor scooter, and immediately wiped out and skinned both knees.

But she didn't cry.

I guess it isn't really summer until you have played in the mud and skinned both your knees.

On Monday, Daphne had her first sleep-over.  Since we didn't have a giant birthday party, she had three of her buddies from school (and their dolls) over for hot dogs, s'mores, a movie, and a camp-out in the attic.

We gave out the aforementioned sleeping bags in lieu of goodie bags.  The girls had fun and got along well.  Arguing and pranks were kept to a minimum, and everyone was asleep by 12:30 or so. It was requested by one of our guests that we do this EVERY WEEK!  Um, no.  But I'd do it again.  In a few months, maybe.  It really wasn't so bad.

Yesterday, we just kind of recovered.  We hung out in PJs and read books on the couch and ordered Chinese food.  Today, we got back to the business of running the house.  Laundry and groceries and so forth.  Daphne is being good and helpful, which is nice.  We're off to a good start this summer, which is good because it's an extra long summer this year.

Well, the dryer is beeping at me, which means it's time to change the laundry.  Back to work.

I hope you had a good birthday, Daphne.  You are suddenly seven, a second grader, and a Brownie who can ride a two-wheeler and have sleep-overs.  What the heck happened to my little girl?  Well, I am proud of my BIG girl and I'm glad we have the whole summer ahead of us.  Now, let's get back to it!  I think today I'll teach you all about the joys of doing laundry...

Friday, June 07, 2013

Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Good Birthday is in the Books

The day started with balloons.  The kids in class sang "Happy Birthday" to Daphne, and they said her name on the morning announcements at school.  I brought her a corn dog from Melt for lunch.  Kev came home early.  There was ginger ale, tacos, and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen on the porch. There was mail and phone calls.  And gifts.  A good day for sure.  In spite of all my fretting about not being prepared.

While we were on the porch, I asked Daphne if there was any new food she wanted to try now that she is seven.  "Circus Peanuts," she said.  Emphatically.  Sigh.

Daphne is obsessed with circus peanuts, also known as the worst candy in the history of candy.  Every time we go through the line at JoAnn Fabrics, which is as far as I know the only place you can get circus peanuts, Daphne begs for them.  I try to explain to her that they are terrible.  It hurts my teeth just thinking about them.  And I've always been a little creeped out by them since my friend Bryce told me he dreamed that a winged army of circus peanuts was chasing him, like the monkeys on the Wizard of Oz.  Circus peanuts are bad.  But Daphne has always wanted them, so we hid some on the porch for her birthday because I knew that's what she would say when I asked her about trying a new food.

Here is what happened:

Circus Peanut Joy.

We make dreams come true in this family.

The circus peanuts in this particular bag were hard as rocks.  They had probably been sitting there at JoAnn since the day it opened, because let's face it, NOBODY likes circus peanuts.  Except my kid, who loved every bite. A very special birthday indeed.

Daphne also got a "detective costume" which is really just a trench coat we found on Amazon.  Ready for a summer of mysteries.

Today is the last day of school and I am going to get a pedicure because it is my last chance.  We have a busy weekend planned, but soon we'll be putting on the brakes and getting back to slow.  I am ready.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Birthday Collage - for Grandma


Things got a little dicey last night when Daphne spent about 30 minutes crying real giant sad crocodile tears because "I'll never be six again!!!!!"  But she woke up happy and excited today.  There were a few balloons and she got to open a gift and she is looking forward to her requested tacos and ginger ale for dinner.

Seven ain't so bad.

Happy Birthday Daphne!  Seven will be even better than six.  So proud of you!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Aloha, D'oh!

It's a big day, part of a big week.  Today is the first grade end-of-school party (Hawaiian theme) and Daphne's last day to be six.  Tomorrow she will be seven.  SEVEN.  And I am feeling like the worst mom ever because I am just not prepared.  If you have been reading this blog for long, you know that usually, Daphne's birthday is a huge deal with months of planning and elaborate DIY themed parties.  This year, in the spirit of SLOW, we decided to keep it simple.  Which is fine.  Except tomorrow is her birthday and I am struggling to find a way to make it special.  Maybe Pinterest has some ideas.  But I have less than 24 hours and very little energy.  Maybe the first step is to step away from the computer.  So, Aloha for now.  I have a birthday to plan!

Monday, June 03, 2013

How to Turn Daisies into Brownies

 1.  Spend a lot of time searching Pinterest and doing fun arts and crafts projects at your house.  Because seriously, cleaning the bathroom can wait.

2.  Find a whole bunch of left-over glasses from your wedding in the garage, decorate them with hot glue and brown ribbon, and buy a flower for each girl.

3.  Find a bridge.  Decorate it with balloons to make it all fancy.

4.  Spend a meeting making rainbow decorations, and hang them up in the Bridging Ceremony place. To make it all fancy.

5.  Make sure everyone's tunic is looking spiffy.

6.  Invite the grandparents.  They love this kind of stuff.  (G-Pa has a purse!  Hahaha!)

7.  Shake their hands one by one, and send them over the bridge.

8.  Give a speech about your awesome troop.  Try not to cry.  Cry anyway.

9.  Pose with your cool kid, who is now a Brownie!

10.  Hire a good photographer (Thanks, Kev!), and party like a Brownie troop!