Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barrelling through the Bags

Last night, we opened Bag 12.  BAG 12!!!  How did that happen?  It has been a very whirlwind December, that's how.  Lots and lots of fun, but lots and lots to do, and no time to blog.  Here is a quick list to catch up.  We left off with Bag 3...

  • 3 - Write a letter to Santa
  • 4 - Make a special card for Mommy
  • 5 - Family Game Night - Daphne's choice
  • 6 - Practice some Christmas songs
  • 7 - Go to First Friday
  • 8 - Listen to Christmas music and make a snow globe
  • 9 - Decorate a giant gingerbread cookie
  • 10 - Build a new Lego Santa and sleigh
  • 11 - Make paper snowflakes
  • 12 - Make cards for the teacher and bus driver

In addition to all the bag activities, there have been Project Elf projects,  trips to Frederick,  half-birthday celebrations, marching in the town parade with the Daisies, Christmas brunch with the Smitty's, a visit from Santa on the fire truck, and a visit TO Santa at the fire station.  Below are a few pictures from Life on the Hamster Wheel:

Here is the B&B where my mom and I stayed in Frederick.  We had a good time shopping and eating at awesome restaurants, and the B&B was really nice.  It was clean and comfortable, the food was good, and the owners were friendly.  The only drawback was the collection of dolls.  Hundreds of them.  Everywhere.  Including this one, which looks like a real baby and was perched high atop an armoire in our bedroom, staring down at me.  Creepy.  Why is he dressed like a Hell's Angel?

When I got back from Frederick, there was mail from my friend Emily.  We all got awesome new Christmas t-shirts. This one is mine.  No one was here, so I had to take a picture of myself.

That night, we celebrated Daphne's half birthday with a cupcake, which has become a tradition.  She is six and a half, which means she is halfway to 13.  Good grief.

Here is Daphne's awesome new T-shirt.  She loves it, and the scarf, too.

First Friday was great.  The December one is always best.  We ate at the hotdog place, went to see the tree, picked up treats in the various shops, and listened to carolers. The green building on the corner always has the best treats:

Saturday was the parade.  The other moms and I herded the Daisies through town as they passed out candy to the crowd.  It was fun.  Now I can say we've done it, so we don't have to do it again unless everyone just really wants to.  Daphne had a good time, but prefers to be on the receiving end of the candy.

Saturday night, Santa, Rudolf, and Frosty came by on the fire truck.  This is always extremely exciting, and even when Daphne grows up and doesn't care, I will still be outside waving.

Here is Kev, cooking sausage for the band party brunch in his awesome new t-shirt.

The party was nice.  Great to see our friends.  We played Christmas songs and ate lots of food and drank eggnog punch all day.

After the party, I took Daphne to the fire station to see Santa.  It wasn't busy, so she also got to get in the fire truck and ring the bell.  Pretty cool.  She told Santa she wants a stuffed dog bigger than her stuffed dog Donner, who is huge.  And a red pogo stick.  We'll see how all that works out for her.

I have been running around town being an Elf, and running around the house being an elf.  I am getting tired, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  That light is called Christmas, and I can not wait.  Until then, the hamster wheel continues to spin.  More bags coming soon!


Gye Greene said...

B&B: Neat-o house! Looks like it should be a little haunted. But only a little. (Haunted.)


Gye Greene said...

Firetruck with lights --I should do that to our car -- but just for everyday driving.