Monday, November 18, 2013

Ernest Goes to Camp

This cozy little place was my home for 22 hours over the weekend.  We were cold and we were damp, but we had a blast.

This will be very Daphne-Centric...I always hesitate to post pictures of other people's kids on this blog.  But there are a couple on this post.  I couldn't resist.  Their identities are obscured by donuts or strange facial contortions, so it's OK!    Right?

Daphne was so excited when we arrived at camp.  She was in a cabin with two of her friends and two girls from an older troop.  They named themselves the Spectacular Spiders.  There were also Turquoise Turtles and (my favorite) Fluffy Unicorns.  I wish that Jill, Sheila, and I would have named OUR cabin team!!!  Why didn't we think of that?!  We could have made signs and everything.  Dangit.  Oh well, next time maybe.

Saturday night, we had a lovely warm camp fire.  There were tacos and s'mores and songs.  It was awesome.

 In the morning, the girls made biffy sniffers, as modeled above by Daphne.  The cotton ball is sprayed with something delightful, like lavender essential oil, and the girls wear them into the latrine for a more pleasant bathroom experience.

Then, the donuts were hung by the Cadette Scouts with care.  Breakfast began, and hilarity ensued.

I think the Brownie on the left up there had her eye on a second donut.

And, of course, I couldn't resist getting in on the act.  Thanks, Jill, for this very flattering photo!

The girls did one last hike before we packed up to leave.  Daphne was exHAUSted!  But, I practically had to drag her out of the camp.  She wanted to stay.  For like two more weeks.

Such a great weekend with great girls and moms.  I LOVE being a Girl Scout.  Um...leader, that is.  I have to admit, though, that I was happy to get home, eat food from a plate, and have a dry place to sit. 

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Gye Greene said...

Biffy sniffers: Clever.

**Were** you a Girl Scout? (In your youth.)