Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer - The Good

So, in spite of the situation with the lice, summer hasn't been ALL bad.  We harvested Murphy the cabbage, and donated him to the local food pantry.

Sour cherries appeared at the farmers market, and so there was delicious sour cherry pie.

Daphne and I took a road trip to Indiana, which was lots of fun.

We had lots of good food, spent time with good people and dogs, explored a cave, and found an old skool merry-go-round on a playground.  Grandma came back with us and spent a couple of days.

We went blueberry picking at my favorite blueberry picking place.

Blueberries are the best thing about summer.

Daphne started drum lessons.  She's good!  Her teacher is awesome and jams with her to Led Zeppelin songs.  She loves it.

We went to HPNY for the 4th of July.  We got spend time with cousins, go on a big hike through the woods, and meet the newest puppy, Tootsie, who is awesome and calm and nice.

Plus we got to go kayaking around the lake, which was my favorite.

I have been back at work, teaching people to knit.

And Daphne is learning to make a quilt.

We all went to the movies on Sunday, and it felt almost like we were a normal lice-free family.  I think we actually ARE a normal lice-free family now.  But I don't want to jinx it.  

This weekend should be pretty low-key.  I am hoping to knit, and make something with all these blueberries and go somewhere for a belated Father's Day outing since gin on the head shot the wheels off the REAL Father's Day.  Poor Kev.

So, summer isn't all bad.  It's hot, but there are only 77 days until October!

Coming soon...the Facebook vacation.  Worth it?  Stay tuned...


Gye Greene said...

Impressively huge cabbage; congrats to Daphne on the drum lessons (very hard to find drummers among the "Musicians Wanted" ads!); what movie? :)


Tara said...

We saw Inside Out...great movie.