Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Santa has been hard at work at our house trying to get everything ready for Christmas. And in spite of battling much sickness, things are moving along pretty well. I I mean SANTA found that cool bird paper on the one dollar aisle at Target! What a bargain.

A couple of things:

If you are going to be doing any gift-wrapping at your house this year, go get one of these. It is only about five bucks, and I swear you will thank me. It has made things so much faster and easier.

Also, please please please try to save and re-use gift bags and boxes and such this year. Think about how much trash we throw away each Christmas.

Also, LarryFeathers has a MAC and has started a new blog here. It is very fancy and interactive. Please read his blog entry "A Good Cause" about helping people if you have time.

If you are going to be doing any air travel, I encourage you to consider the people sitting behind you, and don't lean your seat all the way back. It is really rude, and very uncomfortable for the person behind you. Airplanes are bad enough without all that. And take plenty of hand sanitizer. Planes are full of disgusting horrible germs. And if a curious 18-month-old tries to touch the sparkly chip-clip in your fancy hair-do, just smile, because babies are good. No need to get all huffy. It's Christmas for crying out loud.

And if you are having trouble getting the Christmas spirit, try listening to this:


Gye Greene said...


'Fraid I'll have to disagree with you on the seat-reclining thing. Everyone's paid for their seats and the (limited) amenities that go with -- and it's not the passenger's fault that the airlines are cheaping-out with the amount of front-to-back space.

If you don't have enough space in front of you, then the workaround is to also recline -- at least partly. :)

The exception would be during mealtimes, when you really do need the extra space above your tray.

Although, maybe the airlines I fly are better than yours?

Did you save any of the bird paper for misc. home-crafts projects? Like book covers or such?

Great idea on the wrapping paper cutter!

And, it's good to have some add'tl blog-content to read. :) Thanks for the post.


Gye Greene said...

Addendum: By "better than yours", I meant "less stingy with the legroom/faceroom." I didn't mean to imply that the flights I take are somehow more posh than the flights you take.

Traveler's hint: If you can manage to fly N.Y.'s Eve, the longer-haul flights are nearly deserted. At least for international stuff.