Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crunching in the Leaves

Crunching in the Leaves
Originally uploaded by Tara H.
Well, we are back from our Hyde Park Thanksgiving vacation. I am recovering from another cold. Hopefully this is the last round of sick in my family. It seems like at least one of us has been sick since early October. We had a great trip, aside from the air travel. The highlight was probably the trip to the Bronx Zoo, which I recommend to anyone visiting the NYC area. Especially at Christmas, because they decorate with pretty lights and it's really cool. Plus they have a polar bear there. Daphne got to experience one of my favorite things: crunching the leaves.

Thanks to our hosts...we had a great time!

Now, it's time to shift into Christmas hypergroove. Deep breath...


Julie said...

Glad your back! Hope you feel better soon!

fooiemcgoo said...

tera, that song below is the bee's knees. please email me regarding this b/c I lost your email.

the end.