Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall, Cont'd. and Radio Texas

So, in honor of it still being Fall, our front yard maple tree finally decided to do its thing. The photo, taken on this dark and drizzly morning, doesn't do it justice, but it really is very pretty. Please pay no attention to the mess behind the tree...that is just our peonies. We are waiting for them to die back so we can cut them down. In spite of cool and rainy weather this week, has promised another beautiful Sunday, so I am hoping to repeat last weekend's bike trip to Paeonian Springs, this time for barbeque.

It's Wednesday, but it's an especially good Wednesday, because today is the day the movers bring furniture to my parents' and Jeff's new house. They are all now official Virginia homeowners, and Daphne and I are going over to help them celebrate with some donuts from Fractured Prune. You can't get much better than that.

In completely unrealted news, I wanted to alert any of you who like really good music to the launch of the great KXT 91.7. For many years, I was a proud member of KERA, the NPR station in North Texas, but when we moved, I cancelled my membership, thinking I'd eventually join WAMU up here. Now it's time to think again. KERA recently purchased the 91.7 frequency to start an all-music format unlike other more typical radio stations out there. It is GREAT, and even if you don't live in North Texas, I recommend streaming it on your friendly neighborhood computer. Buy some headphones and listen at work! This is what you WON"T hear: Boston, Celine Dion, Hootie, Dave Matthews, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Puff Daddy, Garth Brooks, and so forth. If you want to know what you WILL hear, you can check out the playlist page. All it took to make a believer out of me was "Bonny" from Prefab Sprout's "Steve McQueen." I am hooked. So, check it out now and thank me later.

OK, off to join Moving Day.

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