Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Raining, Hats, and Dogs.

It is a dreary, rainy day. The kind that makes you want to curl up and take a nap. Unless you are Daphne, who decided not to take one today. She is now having "resting time" on the couch, but that probably won't help much when she gets whiney and cranky at dinnertime because she's over-tired. We're in for a challenging evening.

You may recognize the girl in the picture above as Althea, from this season of Project Runway. She is wearing a pretty fabulous knitted hat. It has created quite a stir on Ravelry (a website for knitters, in case you don't know). I (and many other people, apparently) am on a quest to find or figure out the pattern so I can make myself a hat just like it, only in a different color. Althea should have probably made it in a different color, too. The grey just isn't working for her. But it's still a cool hat. Bring on Season 7. As soon as possible. I love Project Runway.

The other night, Daphne lined up all her dogs on the couch so she could take their picture. Left to right are Diggo, Roscoe, Mister Rogers, Taffy, Spotty, Mister Scott, Quincy, Grape, and Mel. They are all good dogs. No shedding. No chewing. No accidents on the floor. I like them.

When I picked Daphne up from school today, she gave me this picture. In case you can't tell, it's a picture of me wearing a sunflower shirt. There is an apple and an orange on the left, and a small rock and a giant leaf on the right. And she wrote her name by herself. This is my new most favorite thing, and I will be framing it and hanging it in a very special place. Last night, she drew pictures of me and Kev and included giant nostrils that made us look like we had pig noses. It was cute, but I am glad she left them off this particular picture.
We haven't really been up to much around here. Our weekend was relatively uneventful. We have been watching a lot of Later with Jools Holland. By watching this show, I have discovered two new bands to love: The Pigeon Detectives and Fleet Foxes. These bands are probably not really new at all, but they are new to me because I am so out of touch with the world of music. Or I was, until Ovation TV started showing Jools Holland. Thank you, Ovation TV. I have also discovered some new music on the great KXT by Great Lake Swimmers and the Raconteurs. You can check out all of these bands on Grooveshark. But watch out for Grooveshark, because it's really easy to get sucked in and spend your whole day listening to Haircut 100 and Bananarama and De La Soul and Ratt and other stuff you used to have on cassette tapes but long since forgot about until Grooveshark sent you off on a tangent, just because you can. Beware the groooooove!
Tomorrow, I am making pie and gearing up for the first Thanksgiving at my parents' and Jeff's new house. There is a LOT to be thankful for. I hope you all have great food, lots of fun, and a nice turkey-induced nap.
Coming soon: Christmas panic.


Gye Greene said...

Thx for the heads-up on the bands.

The P. Detectives remind me a bit of Goldfinger (e.g. "Counting the Days")

Great drawing of you; love the doggie line up!


Bleach said...

2 things.

1) Have a good Thanksgiving at the new digs. Sorry I could not be there.

2) I would like Daphne to name her next dog after me. Some version of Brad would do just fine. Please pass this request down the line.

The End.