Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New York Easter Circus Weekend

Happy Belated Easter.  I have been away from the computer because we spent Easter weekend in Upstate New York with Kevin's family.  A good time was had by all.  There was egg-coloring, egg hunting, baskets full of candy and toys, cousins to play with, a birthday party, lots of good food, and three cakes.  One day for breakfast, there were pancakes and ice cream cake.  Needless to say, we all, especially Daphne, had a great time.  And somehow, I managed to LOSE a pound while I was there.  Incredible.

The weather wasn't great, but that was OK. 
Easter morning was foggy, but eventually the sun came out.

The trip to NY was kinda last-minute.  We had bought tickets to take Daphne to the circus on Easter afternoon as a surprise, and thought we'd just have to skip it because of the trip, but on the way home Sunday, we realized that we could get there just in time if we went directly to the Patriot Center without going home first.  Daphne didn't know anything about it.  As we got close, we told her that our GPS must be broken, and that it was taking us the wrong way.  We stopped at the arena and went to Will Call  "to ask for directions."  Daphne was pretty surprised when we were handed three tickets and ended up at the Greatest Show on Earth. *

She chose a tiger snow-cone cup as her souvenir.  It was eleven dollars.  ELEVEN DOLLARS!  But she was happy.  After the circus, we found a nearby kabob place for dinner and didn't get home until after 9:00.  It was a long, exhausting day, but it was worth it.  

Now we're home and trying to get back into the routine.  I am doing a TON of laundry today.  What I REALLY want to do is play with my new pasta-making tools that Kev got me for Easter.  There is a lot of ravioli in our future.  But it will have to wait until next week. 

On a serious note, my Uncle Danny was in a very bad accident over the weekend.  Here is what's left of the car:

Scary, huh?  He is in the hospital with several broken bones, but miraculously NO head injuries.  It will be a long recovery, but it could have been so much worse.  So far, no one knows the cause of the accident, but there is a chance there may have been some texting involved.  PLEASE, for the love of all that is good in this world, stay off your phone when you are driving.  I cannot stress enough how dangerous this is.  I see people doing it all the time and it infuriates me.  Especially when I have Daphne in the car with me.  Nothing is so important that it can't wait until you're off the road.  And if it IS so important, just pull over.  Lecture over.  No, it's not.  DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!  Ok, now it's really over.  Only good thoughts now for Danny and his family.  They are really good people and this shouldn't have happened to them.

OK...I better get off my soap box and get back to Laundry Mountain.  I hope you had a safe and happy Easter Weekend. 

Lots of pictures from our trip on flickr if you wanna see...

* This is debatable.  It had its moments, but I've seen greater. 

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Gye Greene said...

Greatest Show: Heh! How about "ONE of the Greatest..." ;)

Tiger cup: All excellent souveniers contain food. ;)
(She'll treasure it forever.)

Texting: Ayep. (Scary squished car.) ABIs are scary: glad he avoided. One of these days I'll post a blog entry on my magic hat.