Monday, May 23, 2011

Computer is Still Broken, Blogging Anyway

I am going through blog withdrawal.  My computer is broken.  It won't boot up, and Kev hasn't had time to look at it.  I fear the worst, but maybe he can fix it.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I've been using Kev's computer, which I don't like for several reasons, but at least it's something.  Just wanted to blog a quick blog to catch up on things before I forget, so here are some highlights from the last couple weeks:

  • Kev and Daphne made my belated Mother's Day breakfast the Sunday after Mother's Day.  Crepes.  So great.  Then we went to ride White's Ferry (above) the only ferry across the Potomac River.  It was about a five minute ride over to Maryland, where we took a short hike.  Kinda cool.  Daphne enjoyed it.
  • We've been eating meals on the porch as often as possible.  Food is better that way.
  • On Saturday, Kev and I went to Vintage 50 here in Leesburg, and I had a Lobster Grilled Cheese.  After I finished it, I overheard the people behind us talking over the menu and saying you just should never combine lobster and cheese.  Au contraire, mon frere!  This was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.  Lobster meat, melty brie, and basil.  Delicious.  Weird, but delicious. 
  • Last night, I helped Kev mow the lawn.  This was my first ever lawn-mowing experience.  Don't tell Kev I said this, but it wasn't so bad!  In fact, I kinda enjoyed it!  But I wouldn't want to do it in the heat of the summer, especially when the gnats are bad.  Kev said mowing the lawn is worth cooking five dinners.  I mowed half the lawn, so I figure he owes me 2 1/2 dinners now.  I'd like gumbo, please.  Or eggplant parm.
  • I took Daphne to a birthday party yesterday at Pump It Up, which is a bounce-house/giant inflatables place.  She had a blast.  We have two more similar birthday parties on the calendar in the next couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, I am planning a little party for Daphne's FIFTH birthday.  It is going to be very small this year, but fun nonetheless.  She is also having her preschool graduation next week.  Exciting times.  More on all that  later.
  • Maybe the Mavs will win the NBA championship this year!  That would be cool.
  • Here are some things I want to do if I can ever get my act together:  Make a new cushion for the porch swing, make pasta with my pasta-making tools, learn how to make berry preserves.   Strawberry season is almost over, though.  Maybe next year.
OK...I hope to be back on line for real very soon.  If not, I'll try to pop on here via Kev's computer from time to time.  Have a good week!

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Gye Greene said...

Computer problems: I hear ya. Mine too. Using my wife's.

Good luck to Kev. With mine, it tends to be the power supply -- but he probably already knows all that stuff. My best friend from college is a feelance computer-fixing guy, and very good -- but you'd have to mail it to him (he's in Oregon).

Good blog entry.

I agree w/ you re: cheese. Cheese on (just about) anything makes it better. Probably not corn flakes, though.

Porch swing: have wanted one for yonks (Aussie for "years 'n' years"). One of these days... ;)