Monday, May 09, 2011


So, I found out about this website called "Foodspotting" where people can post photos of food they recommend from various restaurants around the world.  So cool.  If you are thinking about going to a certain restaurant, you can check the Foodspottting site to see if anyone has posted photos of the food they ate there.  Sometimes there are brief reviews as well.  And if a photo you see has lots of "noms," it means others have tried and liked that particular menu item.  Check it's kind of fun to see what people have posted from your favorite restaurants.  I added a widget to my sidebar for my own pictures of food.  The most recent is the Kentucky Hot Brown I had on Derby Day at Buckhead in Jeffersonville when we took my grandma to lunch.  It just seemed like the appropriate thing to eat at the time.  I also posted the above photo that Kev took in DC of his Acadiana Sorbet Trio.  Yum.  Thanks to Jimmy B for the link and the new hobby.  I just hope I don't embarrass Kev to the point that he stops taking me to restaurants.

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