Friday, November 04, 2011

We've Been Fairy-ed!

At 5:40 am, we were awakened to the sound of excited pitter-pattering, the flinging open of our door, and shouting.  "Guys!  Guess what!  The Tooth Fairy came!  Turn on the light so I can show you what she brought!"

5:40 am.  FIVE FORTY.  AM.  In the morning.

Rewind to yesterday after school, when my kid, who cries at the mere thought of removing a band-aid, who runs screaming at the suggestion of tasting something that has touched melty cheese,  decided that nothing would do but that she must pull out her loose tooth, all by herself,  immediately.  There was quite a bit of blood, but she was not deterred.   Once the decision was made, there was no turning back.  The whole procedure took about 10 minutes, but there was (shockingly) nary a tear.  Not even a wince!  Someone brave took over Daphne's brain long enough to get that tooth out. 

She was so proud, and so excited.  And I was in shock.  I have never seen her so determined to do something new and sort of scary.  Way to go, little Peanut.

In the evening before bed, she wrote this note:

Short and sweet, and right to the point.  The kid wants to keep all her teeth, because she "will miss them too much." 

The Tooth Fairy, as you can see at the top, was kind enough to let her keep this first one, but hopefully will be collecting all the rest.  She also left a very nice, very tiny note, and a one dollar coin with Andrew Johnson on it.  We know this because Daphne came in and showed us.  At 5:40 am.

And in spite of being really tired, I am really happy that Daphne was so excited that she woke up early for a little happy magical childhood moment.  Everybody needs those now and then.

Off to make more coffee now...

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Gye Greene said...

Tooth pulling: Wow. Gnarly.