Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sad Sad Snow Day

Well, Kev still has a job, the sky hasn't fallen, and we haven't been swallowed up by the earth.  It snowed yesterday as promised, and school was cancelled.  Woohoo, right?

Daphne woke up with a temperature of 101 on the day of the one and only significant snowfall of the season.  No snowman, no sledding, no snowball fights for this kid.  She did get to have brownies.  And watch a couple movies.  And have some snow ice cream with sprinkles and mini chocolate chips.  But still.  Sick on a snow day.  Poor kid.

I suppose it's OK, though.  I heard that the snow was wet and mushy, and that it was so windy out that it wasn't much fun anyway.  And the other kids had to go back to school today, but Daphne got a second day off. 


I am ready for spring now.  And for a consistently healthy family. 

PS.  I am not really jazzed about any of the kids on American Idol this season.  My two favorites, if I had to pick, would be Burnell and Kree.  (Spell-check seems to agree with me that these are not real names.)  That poor Charlie kid...what a disaster.  And the big guy, Curtis (?), is really over-rated.  Most of the other kids are just boring.  If I have to hear another Whitney Houston song or "I Believe I Can Fly" again, I'm afraid I might start hurling things at the TV. 

Yes.  I watch American Idol.  No apologies.   I also watch Project Runway, Worst Cooks in America, and Sweet Genius.  And Mister Rogers.  And Star Trek.  So there you go.

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Gye Greene said...

The Kree are an alien race in the Marvel Universe. Captain Marvel was a Kree warrior. :)