Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Hello, Blog!  Nice to see ya!  It's been a long tiiiime...

There is no real reason I haven't been here for so long.  I just haven't.  I haven't been taking pictures.  I haven't really been doing anything blog-worthy.  I've just been hanging out at home,  volunteering at school, taking care of Girl Scout cookies, and dealing with allergies. I've done a couple things with friends, seen some movies with Kev and Daphne, gone to a couple of events with the troop.  We had a skunk for a couple of days, but it went away.  Nothing anyone would want to read about.  But I miss this blog, so I'm back.  

I thought I needed a photo, so I just now went outside and took this one.  It's nice out.  Sunny, not too cold.  My bulbs are coming up.  BUT.  Tonight, it is supposed to snow.  A lot.  Finally, just when I had given up on winter and started to embrace the idea of spring.  I'm glad for this last little opportunity to play in some snow.  I hope it actually happens.  I have filled up the car with gas.  There is at least three days worth of pork bbq in the crock pot.  My milk and toilet paper supplies are good.  I bought a brownie mix and got a giant pile of library books. I have a sleeve that I really need to knit.  Bring it on.

They are calling this storm the Snowquester.  Funny.  But the real sequester isn't funny at all.  Over 100 people at Kev's office were laid off yesterday.  I think Kev will be OK, but I guess you never really know with these things.  I try not to fret about things, but I am a fretter.  It's in my genes.  Lay-offs, sink holes, asteroids...one can never just breathe easy.  If one is a fretter.  Do they have Fretters Anonymous?  My hair is getting really silver.

Some good stuff is coming up.  Kev and I are taking a cooking class on Friday night.  We'll be learning to make Hawaiian food.  The band is practicing on Saturday.  Cookie Sales are almost over.  I'm going out with my friends next week for dinner and a pottery class - we're making OWLS!  We're surprising Daphne in a couple of weeks with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge (shhhhhh...).  Kev's mom and dad, his sister, and my two awesome nephews are coming for a visit.  Kev and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary soon.  So, as long as Kev has a job, the sky doesn't fall, and we don't get suddenly and violently swallowed up by the earth, things are good.  It would seem the odds are in our favor.

I shall be back soon, I hope, with stories of fun times in the snow.  Stay safe and warm!


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Gye Greene said...

Yow! Hope Kev's ex-colleagues land on their feet...