Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bubbles and Birds

A couple more bird-related items, because I am excited to report that I get to officially add a new bird to my list.  This is a view of Jordan Pond and "The Bubbles" at Acadia National Park last week. We saw this guy while we were walking along a little nature trail there:

A little research tells me (and I am about 98% sure) that this is a song sparrow.  Not the most exciting find, but new nonetheless.  I will update my life list and give you a count tomorrow, because I know you are all on the edges of your seats wanting to know how many different kinds of birds Tara Holt has spotted.

By the way, THIS is what the view of the Bubbles was like on a less foggy day 10 years ago when we went to Maine the FIRST time:

So so pretty.

And it was also there, at Jordan Pond ten years ago, with the Bubbles in the background, that I had my first taste of lobster.  And cried from the Lobster Guilt. 

It was AUGUST!  And I was FREEZING!  I love Maine.

I still have that crazy hat.

One more thing - here is someone's YouTube video so you can hear the Eastern Towhee singing "Drink your TEA."  Now, you will know who it is next time you hear it, and you can impress your friends!  Birdwatching is fun!

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jilly donuts said...

Beautiful!! We went there when Smith was just 1 month old - had their popovers with jam. YUM!

Cool bird video - drink your tea!