Monday, July 15, 2013


Maine is a happy place in the summer time.  The tourists are happy because they are on vacation, relaxing, eating great food,  and in general probably not as hot as they'd be at home, wherever that is.  The Maine people are just happy because it isn't winter.

Kev and I are very lucky because we got to spend last week in Maine to celebrate our tenth anniversary.  We ate a lot of lobster, which deserves its own post.

There were tons of birds and wildlife, which also deserves its own post.

 We played music.  We played cribbage.  We read books.  A knitting project was started.

We saw lots and lots of boats.

We climbed a mountain in the fog.

We saw lighthouses.

A knitting project was finished!

Wild blueberries were picked.

And we sailed off into the sunset.

Food and wildlife coming soon, and some general catching up.  I hope your summer is good. 

Reality calls. And by that I mean the dryer is buzzing.  Wish I was on that sailboat right now...

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