Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Master Chef Junior

We have been watching Master Chef Junior.  This show has some amazing kids on it, and I think Daphne is a little inspired.  I asked her if she would like to be in charge of Monday dinner (she had the day off from school), and she picked a recipe, helped with the grocery shopping, and cooked delicious chicken pot pies for dinner last night. (First, she decorated her apron.  Always crafty!  That's my girl!)

I was the sous chef.  She told me what to do, and I said, "Yes Chef!"  I let her use the big chef's knife and chop up the carrots and potatoes (I cut up the chicken - I didn't want to gross her out at the beginning of the recipe).  She did almost all of the cooking, and I just stood by to help if she needed it.  It was fun, and she did a great job.

The pot pies, which were from a Williams Sonoma cookbook for parents and kids called "Cooking Together," were really tasty.  She made three last night, and we have enough filling to make three more tomorrow night.  Yum.

The best part was that Daphne was really proud.  And tired.  I think she now may have greater appreciation for me cooking dinner every night.

She got up this morning and made her own breakfast and part of her lunch.  We always get a lot of mileage off a little confidence booster.  Next, she wants to make a dessert.  Looking forward to that.

On Sunday, we cleaned the house all morning, and rewarded ourselves with a trip to Shoes for root beer floats and board games.  Daphne went to write on the giant chalk board, and when I went to check on her, I saw that she had been publicly promoting her "Spy Business."  She wrote, "I am a spy...call this."  She wrote our phone number and drew an arrow to it.  We made her erase the phone number, and explained to her that spies don't really advertise.  She's a funny little kid.

Guess what!!!  There is already eggnog at Wegmans!  Oh, how I love eggnog.  I am hoping that the grocery store in New York has some Ronnybrook Farm eggnog (best eggnog ever), but I'm betting it's a bit too early.  For now, Upstate will have to do.  Three more days until my Rhinebeck Roadtrip!  Can't wait!

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Gye Greene said...

Spy business: Is she too young to watch Burn Notice? (If you don't know about it: kind of a Robin Hood theme. Some violence, though.)