Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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I have some catching up to do!  I can't help it.  I've been sick.  But let's go back a bit...

'Twas the night before Rhinebeck, and we tried our beer!  It wasn't quite officially ready, but since I was about to go out of town and all, we tried it anyway.  And it was really REALLY good!  I am so impressed with us and our beer-making skills!  And look how pretty it is, too!

The next day, I set off for New York with my good friend Jill, to stay "up the lake" and go to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  Here is the lake place, in all it's fall glory, Smurfy chairs and all!

It was so nice staying at the lake place.  Peaceful, and not even really all that cold.  In fact, the weather was beautiful the whole time we were there.  Crisp but not cold, sunny, and the fall colors were amazing.

On Saturday, we met my friend Angela and went to the festival.  We saw lots of these:

And lots of this:

And a few of these guys:

I got some treasures...some yarn, some handles for my rainbow bag, a sheepy ornament, and a nice lady helped me fix my Loster Sweater mistake.

The next day, we went to the Roosevelt home and library/museum, which is awesome.  Here is FDR's head:

And here is the Roosevelt's garden:

The whole trip was awesome.  Great food, great company, yarn, llamas...you can't ask for a much better vacation.  I am so lucky to have friends who get all happy about the same stuff as I do.  Already thinking about next year!

On the way home, we had to drive through this cloud, which separated New York from Pennsylvania.  We rolled down the windows and touched it.  You don't get to do THAT every day!

Immediately when I got back to Virginia, I got sick.  I thought it was allergies, but it must have been more because I'm just now really over it.  Kevin got sick the same day.  But he is worse.  He has bronchitis.  Amazingly, Daphne is fine.  We had a lot of chicken soup last week.

This week has been all about Hallooween.  Daphne is a detective this year, which is cute AND I didn't have to make the costume!  Here she is, ready to go to the Fall Harvest Festival at her school.

She had a great time, and won a gift card to Finch Sewing Studio in the raffle!  So cool.

Speaking of the Finch,  I went to a Finch event last night at Dry Mill Winery with a couple of friends.  We made cute wine totes.  Here is mine:

I wanted to put a bird on it, but there wasn't a bird stencil so I put a T on it.  That means it's mine.  I am going to make more of these.  They are so easy and cute!

My house smells so good.  I have pasta fagioli in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.  Yum.  Kev's parents are coming on Thursday in time for the Halloween parade and trick-or-treating with Sherlock Holt.  Should be a fun weekend.  The weather is supposed to be decent I think.  Tales of Halloween adventure coming soon!


jilly donuts said...

I wish we were still there! That was the best time.

Can you teach me how to do the wine tote? It's so cute! What a great gift idea, too. I have to go to the next one - let me know when it is if she does a November one, please!!

Gye Greene said...

FDR statute: FDR has nice eyes. Never noticed.