Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Handmade Holiday

This Christmas had a very Handmade vibe.  I like that.  Lots of things were wrapped in brown paper, and tied up with baker's twine and pom poms.  I love pom poms.

My friend Jill made a sweater for my coffee.  I showed Kev and said, "Look!  My coffee is wearing a sweater!"  And he said, "It was only a matter of time."  True.

I knitted a cowl for Daphne's teacher:

and this neck scarf for my mom:

And at the buzzer, I sewed three new pairs of PJs for Daphne (Christmas doggie ones below).  Sadly, they won't fit for long.

Daphne made me these fabric nesting boxes at her sewing class.

I got some handmade coasters from my friend Chris as a Girl Scout Leader gift (there was also chocolate!):
And my dad gave us this picture he painted of a barn in Manassas. 

Daphne and her cousins exchanged handmade gifts.  Daphne got this periscope from her cousin Ryan, as well as a book safe.  She made her cousin Carter a Christmas word book, some crayons she made with her Crayola Melt and Mold Factory, and an origami Ewok.

Jill and I had our second annual Marshmallow Day, which was a LOT of fun.  I still have about 100 marshmallows in my freezer if anyone would like to try some.

And I made eggnog pudding shots with tiny spoons and baker's twine.
 I made my final handmade items of the season today, one with my new drill (I LOVE MY NEW DRILL!!!):

 I took a piece of wood from our Christmas tree, drilled a hole, and made this ornament:

And there is homemade New Year's Eve Chocolate Mousse in the fridge, but I don't have a picture of it.  Maybe we will eat it with tiny spoons!

I have a few more projects in mind...maybe for next year.  I will be drilling holes in more things, and also cutting more bottles with my new Kinkajou upgrade.  And I got some Finch gift cards, so there will be more sewing.  But for now, it's back to knitting.  Something for ME.  

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Gye Greene said...

Sweater for coffee: Nice! A coffee mug cozy.

Father's painting of a barn: Nice!

I like the swirly marshmallows. Would make a good fabric pattern -- kind of "tie dyed".

Nifty Fiskar's drill. Have never seen one of those. I'm used to an "eggbeater drill" (Google-able).