Monday, January 26, 2015

The Groove

Today, it's snowing.  There is no school, but not because of snow.  It's a teacher work day and the students are off.  It would be great if we could play in the snow, but there is barely any.  The photo is from the snowday LAST week.  There was barely any then, too, but there was no school.  This winter has been a real disappointment so far.  I want one good big snow.  The kind that shuts everything down and makes it quiet on King Street because no cars are out.  Maybe next week.

All of these snow days and delays and teacher work days and MLK holidays and things are making it really hard to get in a groove.  Even though I got Christmas taken down and put away, there are still piles of homeless things everywhere.  A giant purge is in order, but that will require a chunk of time alone in the house, which is very rare these days.

Daphne is home now, drawing a treehouse while I blog.  But she really wants to play with me.  And how can I tell her no?  It's not like I can send her out to play in this pitiful snow.  So, I think what I have to do is just try to enjoy hanging out with my kid and overlook the piles for a few more days.  

Sounds easy enough, right?  But, this is really hard for me.  When all the chores I feel like I SHOULD be doing are right there in my face, it's hard for me to enjoy anything.  I feel guilty taking 15 minutes to write in this blog.  I can't just let it go.  I live at my workplace.  There is no "going home from work."  I am just always there.  There must be a way to turn it off, but I haven't found it yet, and I wonder if I ever will.  Maybe if everything was DONE, then I could enjoy being home.  But it is never ever done.  Ever.  So, I need a new strategy.  And a groove.  A good normal week with no snow days or holidays.  

Or, perhaps a vacation.  But that would only help temporarily.

Or, here's a thought.  I need perspective.  Because, there are no lions after all.  I have absolutely no reason to complain about anything.  The chores will get done.  The piles will get put away.  There will be plenty of time for ALL of that, and to sit and knit and sew and read and enjoy my family time.  Right now, I am going to go play with my kid.  

Free cookies!!??!!  I am SO in!


Gye Greene said...

Still love the "There are no lions" perspective re-alignment. :)

Belated, from your last blog entry -- book suggestions.

These are both probably aimed at 6th graders -- but they're enjoyable (IMO), and quick reads (and within my top 10 favorite books):

Tom's Midnight Garden

The Magic Grandfather (reasonably short; read it to Daphne?; my kids liked it)

The Gift of Magic


Gye Greene said...

Oh: Tom's Midnight Garden -- I tear up at the ending; sometimes I take the book off the shelf and re-read the final chapter, just so I can tear up.