Monday, May 04, 2015

I Made a Shirt, and Other Things


I am never going to be able to catch up on this blog.  That makes me sad.  There are months of things that happened, really good things, that aren't here.  But I think the best thing to do is just start writing again and try to make it a habit, so here goes.

I recently made a shirt.  It is pictured, above, but the color isn't quite right.  It's really more "Harvest Gold" than it is "Kraft Mac -n- Cheese."  It's also a little bit big.  But that's OK.  I learned a lot and I did it with no supervision.  AND, I used French Seams, so take that, Project Runway!

In the world of people who make things, May is a big month.  Me Made May, in fact.  And what you are supposed to do is to try to wear something you made every day of the month.  If this happened in November, I'd be in good shape.  But you can't really wear a lot of knitted things when it's 80 degrees, so this isn't gonna be easy.  I've made it to Day 4.  We'll see how far I can go.

Speaking of Day 4, it's May the 4th, so Happy Star Wars Day to all the cool kids out there who celebrate that sort of thing.  Our little family will be celebrating with Star Wars Pancakes for dinner.

Spring finally happened.  It stopped being cold all the time, the cherry tree bloomed, and we've been eating on the porch a lot.

I have decided to try to learn how to keep succulents alive in container gardens.  First, I have to get a container and some succulents.  So this may not happen until NEXT spring.

I've been working at the Finch off and on, which is good.  The other day, I was walking to work when  suddenly and mysteriously my travel coffee mug started leaking in a few different places, so I was walking and coffee was dripping everywhere and I was making a big mess on the sidewalk and I was worried I would get coffee on my new handmade shirt which I was wearing to work that day for Me Made May Day 2.  But, I was conveniently right across the street from the coffee shop, so I decided to go in and wash my hands, throw away my leaky mug, and get some new coffee to take to work.  But the line was REALLY long, so I would have been late to work if I stayed, so I left and went to work with NO coffee and when I got there, there were DONUTS!  Donuts on the one day ever I have no coffee.  Stick THAT in your stupid song, Alannis Morrisette!  But I guess I figure if a leaky travel mug and donuts without coffee are my biggest problems, life is pretty great and I should just shut up about it.

Daphne is good.  She scored 2 goals at field hockey last week, leading her team to a 2-0 victory, but I missed it because I was working.  She has recently become Led Zeppelin's biggest fan, and last night Kev taught her how to play Kashmir on the Fender, which is cool.  The Girl Scout troop will be spending the night in tents at the National Zoo next month, which is very exciting, and Daphne will be 9 one month from tomorrow, which is very crazy.

Meanwhile, Kev is busy saving the world with satellite technology.  You can see a story about it if you can find video of 60 Minutes from a couple weeks ago.  SUPER cool.  Really proud of him.

I am going to try to blog more.  I miss it.  Plus, I can't remember stuff that happens if I don't write it down.  Happy Spring, everybody!

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Gye Greene said...

Hey -- welcome back!

I know what you mean: I have a notebook that I carry around in my work bag. I jot down blog content -- and then never get around to adding it.

But -- at least you're out there, living "real life".

Spooky coincidence, BTW -- this morning at work I was talking to a co-worker and listing the blogs that I used to follow, but one by one they drifted away. Pleased to see that you're back.