Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Storm before the Calm

It has been non-stop around here.  The calendar is full, and there are still a few weeks before things settle down a little.  All good stuff but it's pretty exhausting, and hard to find time to sit and knit or read or think.  I end up doing all my thinking at night when I'm supposed to be sleeping.  

Mother's Day was great.  I requested that I didn't have to cook or make any decisions, and that's exactly what happened.  

Kev made crepes.  Daphne made me an awesome card and this painting, which I love.  

We went out for lunch, and Daphne and I did a little sewing:

Definitely a good day.  I have a nice family.

The weather has been weird.  Hot and then nice and then cold and then hot again.  There has been enough "nice" to spend a lot of time on the porch, or outside in general:

The school has challenged to kids to go screenless for 2 weeks and get outside more.  That will be easy for Daphne.  All she wants to do is play outside.  That makes me happy.

The Girl Scout year is almost over, and it seems like we have saved everything for the end of the year.  Last week, the girls delivered cookies to the pediatric staff at the hospital, and all the troops from the school had a big picnic at the park.  

Right after the picnic, Daphne had field hockey practice.  That was Friday night.  Then, Saturday, she had 2 games.

We had a nice big storm on Saturday night which cooled things off a little.

And by Sunday the rain had mostly stopped just in time for the Girls on the Run 5k.

Kev was Daphne's running buddy again.  She beat him by one second again.  I love her face in the last picture.  She was so happy and proud.  

They have decided that next time, I will be Daphne's running buddy.  This might be the biggest challenge of my life.  But I am going to do it.  I have until November to get ready.

Coming up, we have a Girl Scout trip to the landfill, a camp out at the National Zoo, and their bridging ceremony/cookout.  Kev's family is coming to visit.  I am hosting my book group and teaching knitting classes and going to various meetings for Girl Scout leaders.  Daphne's birthday is coming up.  Field Hockey continues.  And end-of-the-year school stuff is happening (Field Day, Donuts with Dad, class party, teacher gifts, etc.)  It's all really fun, but it's a lot.  I told Daphne I am looking forward to summer, and I meant it.  There needs to be a little slow.  

Daphne is turning 9 soon.  That is half-way to 18.  Good grief.  We definitely need a little slow.  

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