Monday, January 11, 2016

Magical Meatballs in the Mail and Maine Half Marathons

There was this one time, a few years ago, when I was procrastinating on the Internet at meatball-making time.  And, since it's important to let the Facebook know your every move, I posted this:  

Well, these meatballs aren't going to make themselves.

And then, I got off the internet and made the meatballs.  Only I found out later that what I actually posted was this:

Well, these meatballs are going to make themselves.

And thus began a long-running joke between me and my good Texas friends Anne and Jimmy about self-making meatballs.

And today, via the magic of the Touchnote app (you should check it out!), I received a postcard (pictured above) featuring a photo of my magical meatballs, which Anne snagged off Facebook when it turned up in her Facebook Memories.  Sometimes, Facebook is good.  I love getting real mail!

There is talk that my same friend Anne and our friend Emily are going to do the Maine Coast Half Marathon next year or the year after so I can do one before I turn 50.  This is a BIG goal, but one that I think is do-able, especially if I have the motivation of running with Anne and Emily in my favorite state in the US.  This race is really close to Kennebunkport, which is where I had the best lunch I have ever eaten, ever.  So I am totally in.  

(It was a lobster roll)

Meanwhile, at our house, the January purging of stuff has begun. Here is our donation pile so far:

The only think I am really sad about giving away is Daphne's little kid drum set, which was an awesome gift from Uncle Jeff.  The good news is that even though she has outgrown it, it paved the way to her playing the REAL drums, which is awesome.  Hoping it paves some other little kid's way, next.

Today, I went through shoes and t-shirts.  I didn't take "before" pics, but these are the "after"s, and you'll have to trust me that things are much improved:


I think the kitchen cabinets are next. 

Time to go start thinking about dinner.  I wish I had some meatballs that would make themselves.

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