Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Snowtopia

We knew it was coming, so there was much preparation and some panic.  I managed to get all the groceries and essentials taken care of by Thursday, so on Friday morning, when most people were either hunkering down and doing their last Milk/Bread/TP/Marshmallow runs, we decided to go get snowshoes.  Slim pickins at Dick's Sporting Goods, but we managed to find three adequate pairs of snowshoes and we were ready for Winter Storm Jonas.

The snow started Friday afternoon, and Daphne was excited to make her first real snowball of the year.  
Over the next 36 hours, we went from this:

To this:

But 32+ inches of snow cannot stop Team Holt.



Sledding!  Um, well, ATTEMPTED sledding.

Most people are very complainy about all the snow, but I don't mind it, really.  The four hours of shoveling wasn't the most fun thing ever.

Bu we managed.  We got the driveway done on Monday, and so we had what Kev called the Driveway to Nowhere until the plow finally came yesterday.  I drove a car last night for the first time since last Friday.  Can't say I've missed driving a car all that much.  But I have to admit I didn't like the trapped feeling, and I was starting to worry about missing my podiatrist appointment, which is tomorrow.  

Daphne got to spend the last several days doing all the things kids dream of.  Missing school, hanging out with friends, making snow caves, snow balls, snow dragons, eating snow cones, and so forth.  And drinking enough hot chocolate for a lifetime.  School is cancelled for the rest of the week, so we have three more days to make the most of things, plus the weekend, which I hope involves more snowshoeing, and perhaps a Pictionary rematch (I was ROBBED!).

So, I'm not going to call it Snowpocolypse or Snowzilla or Snowmageddon or whatever they are calling it this year.  I'm just going to try to have as much fun as possible.  This doesn't happen every day.

But maybe a snowblower for Christmas next year?

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