Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday

This loaf of cheddar bread was the best thing about our weekend. It was a rough one. There were many tears and battles and time-outs. Now, I'm just ready to forget about it and move on. But the bread was really good. You MUST get the book and make some! Your family will thank you.

Things are going better today. Daphne got fancy this morning and twirled around the house in anticipation of ballet class.

Here she is, ready to go. She had a great time, and wore herself out, so I am hopeful she will take a nice long nap today.

She has become obsessed with watching cooking shows after her nap while I cook dinner. She likes Giada and Barefoot Contessa. Not my favorites, but that's OK. She really pays attention, especially when they make desserts. She sits and makes yummy noises and rubs her belly and says, "MOM! You HAVE to make this!" The other day, I asked her what was her favorite flavor of something (I can't remember...lollipops, cupcakes, something...Kev, what was it?), and she said "Vanilla extract." She's funny. Anyway, this is so much better than Wonderpets. And maybe soon she'll be ready to take over for me in the kitchen. Or at least be my sous chef.

Tonight, I'm making Kerbey Lane panckes with a roasted apple topping I saw on Tyler Florence. I am hoping this will elicit some real life yummy noises. I'll let you know...

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Tina said...

Lily likes to watch Five Ingredient Fix, she calls it the "girl cooking show". BTW we are taking a cooking class at Ida Lee on Wed mornings. It's great because the teacher does all the work, we get to make something together and take it home.