Monday, February 15, 2010

What Day Is It, Anyway?

These days, I have to stop and think a minute to figure out what day it is. It feels like we are in some sort of weird time warp. Daphne hasn't been in school forever, and Kevin has been working from home. The routine we had going has been completely thrown out of whack, which isn't good for people like me. I need a certain amount of predictibility in order to function properly.

It's snowing again. Actually, it WAS snowing, but I think it's just raining now. I think they already said that school tomorrow is delayed an hour. At least it isn't closed. Yet.

We took advantage of the break from blizzards over the weekend. I took Daphne to spend the night with G-Ma and G-Pa on Saturday, so Kev and I got a nice little chunk of quiet time. We went antique shopping (looking, not buying), played rock band, and went to Valentine's Day brunch at La Lou, which was delicious as usual.

When Daphne came home Sunday afternoon, she brought us this cake (above), which she decorated and was very proud of. Below, she is sporting a Valentine tattoo that she got at our play date last week. She is making Tough Tattoo Face, even though the tattoo is of a cute little purple teddy bear.

Over the weekend, I mixed up more dough and made two loaves of cheddar bread (can you believe I didn't take pictures?!), which was really good, although I think I prefer the plain loaves I made last week. Pumpernickle is coming soon, but it requires special ingredients that I don't have on hand. I also made some chocolate chip cookies and finished my dad's very late birthday scarf:

And now it's Monday. The only reason I know that is because I've been counting the days until the kids go back to school. I guess I may have to keep counting.
Today is also President's Day. I don't usually like to get mixed up in political debates, but at the moment, I am really really mad at President Obama. In case you haven't heard, he is taking steps to cancel NASA's Constellation program, which is the program that would replace the shuttle and take our astronauts to the moon and possibly beyond. I am personally affected by this terrible decision because Kev is working on that program. Specifically, he is designing the autopilot for the abort system, which takes the crew module to safety if there is a catastrophic event on lift-off. But even if Kev wasn't on the program, I'd still be mad. I love the space program. I still get excited watching PBS documentaries about the Apollo missions. Can you imagine the day an American walks on Mars? Well, now you'll HAVE to imagine it, because it will probably never actually happen. Instead, the future seems to hold space joy-rides on commercially made rockets for the super-rich, like Oprah or Trump or "Lance" from N'Sync, while American astronauts have to hitch a ride up to the space station with the Russians. Anyway, I'm writing my congressman, but not getting my hopes up that it will do any good. If you are so inclined, you can write some letters too. Just google Save NASA, and you will find sample letters and more information about the Administration's intentions. And don't worry about us...Kev thinks his job is pretty secure. He'll probably just get moved to some other project, but it won't be nearly as cool. OK. Political Rant complete.
Now, off to calm down and figure out what to make for dinner. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...


Anne Bentley said...

Looking for the "like" button. And regarding super-rich space cadets, don't forget Martha Stewart's boyfriend!

Gye Greene said...

Tattoo face: Another one that will be an album cover (or back, or in the liner notes) when she's a 22yo rock star.

Scarf label "by Tara": Great label!

Space program: Mixed feelings. Although I dig the space program, a friend in college pointed out that the money would be better spent to clean up stuff on earth -- it's like buying a backyard swimming pool when your children aren't clothed and fed. Still, it **would** be sad to cancel NASA. (By the above logic, we shouldn't bother supporting Olympic athletes, either... Dunno.)

Clearly, though, don't want Kevin to be out of work.


Gye Greene said...

NASA/moon thing: Today I read an editorial in the local newspaper (Australia) that everyone misunderstand's Obama's thing -- that he's actually shifting from ''moon landing'' to ''mars landing'' -- but the ''mars'' part isn't getting any press. Is this true?


Tara said...

Kevin and I haven't heard anything about this, but I will check into it. Interesting.

Gye Greene said...


Thx for the (off-list) info. Hm! So it **is** true! Both the Mars thing, and that for some reason the press hasn't touted it to the same degree as the "cancelling the moon stuff".