Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Can't Go Wrong with Cheese

So, Kev's sister sent me this recipe recently for Beer and Cheese soup. It happens to be a Rachael Ray recipe, and she knows how I feel about Rachael Ray, but sent it anyway. This told me she must have a LOT of confidence in this recipe, so last night, I made it. And it was GOOD. The perfect thing for a cold and windy winter evening. I stuck to the recipe with three exceptions: I used about half an onion instead of leeks, I used some Worcestershire sauce instead of Kryptonite (uh, I mean mustard), and I added some minced garlic with the vegetables, because that's what I do. I used Trader Joe's Vienna Lager for the beer, and I made some croutons to go with it. Very tasty. I think next time, I will probably make some bacon bits to go on top too. Please tilt your head to the right to see the picture as it's meant to be. (I don't know why Blogger sometimes rotates my photos the wrong way. Frustrating.) Anyway, even with the carrots and tons of calcium, there is no way to spin this and try to make it seem at ALL healthy. It's pretty bad for you. But one bowl won't kill you, so give it a try. Like I said, you can't go wrong with cheese. Tonight, we're having a salad.

My mom finished the picnic quilt she was making for me. I love it. All the fabrics are really cute. Now, if only we could actually have a picnic. Snow, snow, go away. In Texas, snow is almost magical every time it happens. It's special because it's rare. Here, it's really only magical the first time. Then, it's just a pain. At least this year it is. Everything is covered in it, and most of it is now a very ugly dirty brownish color. I did see a little patch of grass near Daphne's school this morning. It was brown too, but it was grass. Spring cannot come soon enough for me.

Today, Daphne's class finally had their Valentine party. It was a little disorganized, but fun. The kids performed as usual, which is my favorite thing. Tonight, I'm joining another mom from Daphne's class at a crochet group. She said I could come and knit. I'm looking forward to the night out. Yesterday, I started a new knitting project, but messed it up twice. This wasted a couple hours of my day and put me in a really bad mood, and now I'm debating whether I should start it over a third time. I need to start SOMEthing or I won't have anything to work on at the group. Now, though, I am going to take a brain break and watch last night's American Idol. If they kick off the cool Mexican guy who sang the Paula Abdul song during Hollywood week, I'm gonna be MAD. I heard they might put Howard Stern on there when Simon leaves. If that happens, I'll never watch it again.
OK...To the couch!
PS. Please check out the Artwork of the Week today. My dad painted a picture of our old house. It's awesome.

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