Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Naughty and Nice

Yesterday, I let Daphne play in the attic.  Alone.  I was doing some cleaning, and then I sat down to finish knitting a scarf I started way last winter.  My knitting chair is right at the bottom of the attic stairs, and I was keeping an ear on the Peanut.  It got quiet.  REALLY quiet.  Then, she called, "Mom!  You should SEE this!  You're gonna LOVE it!"


I went to the attic, which she had "decorated" for our house guests.  And by "decorated" I mean "destroyed."  OK, destroy may be a little strong.  But do you see that evil feather boa in  the picture above?  Well, imagine about a million tiny feathers strewn about all over the entire attic.  They were EVERYwhere.  It was like a bunch of angry pink and yellow birds went up there to explode.  I think I got most of them cleaned up, but I had to empty out the vacuum filter thing three times.  I think we're going to be finding stray feathers for a long time.  It is about 10 degrees hotter in the attic than in the rest of the house.  I was hot and sweaty from all the vacuuming and going up and down the steps. And I got really sneezy.  I didn't really yell too much, but Daphne knew I was mad.  Poor kid.  She went and hid in her room.  She felt awful.  She was, after all, just trying to make things festive for her friends.  But she should have known better.  Needless to say, the feather boa is now in the trash.  And Daphne doesn't get to play in the attic until tomorrow when our friends come.  Now, all is forgiven.  I think the guilt she felt was punishment enough.  But what a mess.

 In happier news, yesterday I was cleaning under my desk and I found a nickel and a penny.  Woo-hoo!  Straight to the Nantucket jar I went with my six cents.  And when I opened it, I found that some sort of Vacation Jar Fairy had poured a bunch of spare change in there, along with this fortune cookie fortune.  There is almost $30 in there now!  I like Kev.

OK.  Yesterday I made ravioli filling, so today i need to make the pasta.  And do a bunch of laundry so I don't have to do it this weekend.  Visitors tomorrow!  Yay!


Gye Greene said...

Yeah -- we have the occasional "good golly, you'd think she'd know better" events. Not nearly as impressive as yours, though.


Gye Greene said...
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