Monday, August 01, 2011

Toys in the Attic

Another weekend came and went at the speed of sound.  Friday night, Daphne spent the night in Manassas, and Kev and I went to see Crazy Stupid Love at the fancy new Cobb movie theater here in town. First, the movie was GREAT.  You really can't go wrong with Steve Carell.  Second, the movie theater is great.  You can get real food and adult beverages if you choose, and take them into the theater.  It's not as good as Studio Movie Grill, but it's the closest thing I've seen anywhere around here.  And the seats are wide with plenty of leg room.  Awesome.  After the movie, we went to the new Irish bar and grill - Finnegan's - and listened to a band.  It was a good night out.

But the rest of the weekend was work.  It was all about home improvements.  A few pictures were hung. 

Kev cleaned out his side of the closet (top) and it is so nice now.  There is plenty of room to walk around without tripping over bins or bags of stuff.  We also got the attic cleaned up and made part of it into a play area for Daphne.  We put all of her dress-up stuff up there, so now she can do plays and puppet shows and whatever she wants without tripping over bins or bags of stuff.  We have a lot more to do, but it's a good start, and Daphne LOVES it.

 Where's Waldo?

It will be a great place to play when we have kids over, which we will later this week when MY FRIENDS COME FROM TEXAS!!!  WOOHOO!!!  So, I need to get going because there are preparations to make.  Hope you had a good weekend.  Happy August!  (The worst month of the year, but it means September is coming).

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