Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Again

Another good weekend is in the books, and another week is underway.  Saturday, we tried out the new fancy bowling alley here in town (King Pinz).  They have an arcade with games - air hockey, guitar hero, etc. - they have bowling (obviously), and they have surprisingly good food, which they bring to your cushy couch right at your lane.  It is a very luxurious bowling experience, much different from the days at Blazer Bowl in Garland.  The lanes have big screen TVs, and bumpers that go up or down, depending on whose turn it is. So the bumpers popped up on Daphne's turn, and down when Kev and I bowled.  Honestly, I coulda used the bumpers.

After bowling, we went to Pinkberry for a frozen yogurt treat.   This place is GOOD.  We got there just in time, because by the time we paid for our yogurt, a line had formed all the way out the door and across the big wide sidewalk.  I still like ice cream better, but I am a Pinkberry fan.

Sunday morning, Daphne said it looked like a nice day for a family bike ride.  So we took a family bike ride.  This old barn and silo are on the trail.  

Then we went to South Street Under for our post-bike ride ciabatta breakfast sandwiches. It was nice to be outside and not get rained on for once.

Of course, we took a walk last night, and got rained on.  Oh well.

On Thursday, the high temperature is supposed to be 64!  That is so great.

Also this weekend, we saw a lot of 9/11 stuff on TV.  I don't care how long it's been, I'll never get used to seeing that footage.  It's always shocking.  Every time I see a plane hit one of those buildings, it's like getting punched in the stomach.

It just started raining.  Dangit.  We almost made it a whole day with no rain.

The pumpkin ravioli filling was terrible, by the way.  It was not worthy of going to the trouble of making the pasta, so I didn't.  I just threw it out.  Yuck.  Luckily, we had a bunch of left-over casserole.  We finished it off yesterday.  It was a very casserole-intensive weekend.  This week, there will be soup.  Because on Thursday, it will only be 64!  Sixty-Four!!!

A very happy birthday to Kim up there on L.I.  I hope it's a good one!  Please send me a pumpkin ravioli filling recipe if you have a one.

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