Thursday, September 01, 2011

Vacation Part 4 - Food, Field Trip, and the Fair

One day, we decided to take a break from all the relaxing at the lake, so we went on a little field trip.  First stop, the Village of Red Hook, where we had lunch at Lucy's Taco.  If we had read the really really bad reviews, we might not have gone there.  Apparently, people think it is so bad that there is a whole Facebook page about how bad it is (click the Lucy's link above).  The food was pretty meh.  It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't great.  It was really really messy and greasy.  But I loved Lucy's Taco, because the minute we walked in, it was like we had been magically transported to Austin.  The dude at the counter was Austin.  The other customers were Austin (girls with no makeup and long flowy skirts, head scarves, vintage thrift dresses), and the decor was totally Austin.  It made me happy/sad.  So, thanks, Lucy's, for the trip back home and the mediocre lunch.  Try to make better tacos.  Then again, you're in New York.  So good luck with that.

(On the other hand, I had the best barbeque I've had since leaving Texas in the same village, at Max's Memphis Barbeque.  Holy meat!  And, there were GRITS! Go there if you can.)

After Lucy's, we decided to take Daphne to see the Saugerties light house.  You have to hike in to it, which was fun.

You can stay there overnight, because it is also a B&B, but I don't think I would like hiking in with my suitcase.  Still, it might be kinda cool.  It's expensive, though, and usually booked up far in advance.

It has a little beach, where I guess you can swim if you want.  We watched some dogs chase tennis balls.  Daphne liked that.

Our last day of vacation just happened to be the first day of the Dutchess County Fair, which has become a staple of our summers.  We had our annual milkshakes:

Went on the Fun Slide:

Watched the Frisbee Dogs:

And generally had a great day with our good friends, Nate, Angela, and their cool kids.  I love the Dutchess County Fair.  And this year, it wasn't hot.  It was perfect.  A great way to end an awesome vacation.

I was telling Kev that we need to find our own fair.  We went to our local county fair a couple years ago, but it was really rinky-dink, plus we had  I don't think we'll be going back to that one.

Nothing will ever top the Great State Fair of Texas.  And the Dutchess County one will be hard to beat.  But I just found out about the Frederick Fair, and it looks pretty promising.  It is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I am hoping to go.  There will be a full report if we do.

The first week of school seems to be going well.  Daphne seems happy and I think she's making friends.  She doesn't really tell us too much.  I plan to volunteer in the classroom, so maybe then I'll find out more.  I just hope I don't run into Newman, the nemisis mommy.  I was reading the giant pile of handouts from the school, and it appears that school volunteers have to get a tuberculin test.  I am not looking forward to that, but I'll do what I have to do I guess.  I've been enjoying my free time while Daphne is at school.  I've been working out, and shopping, and cleaning, and knitting.  I need to make a list and get going on some projects.  Plenty of time for all that.

OK...dinner duty calls.  Leftover beef and noodles.  Woohoo!


Gye Greene said...

You need to buy Kevin one of these things (for Christmas?), from FMR Audio.

They're based, and manufacture their gear, in Austin.


Gye Greene said...

The RNC compressor is a good all-rounder. :)