Monday, April 23, 2012


Straw Wrapper Mustache and Napkin Ring Antlers - at MacDowell Brew Kitchen
Daphne, Flat Stanley, and one of Leesburg's Finest at the Garden Show Set-Up

Dad's Art Show - Trash Can Theme

Playing in the back yard with Scout

Three Generations
It was a good weekend.  Saturday it was hot.  HOT!  Sunday it was cold and rainy.  Saturday, my dad had a painting in his first art show, and we were all very proud of him.  After the show, we got to hang out in the back yard and play with Scout, which was fun.  It reminded me of being in my grandparents' back yard as a kid.  All the adults sat around in lawn chairs while the kids ran around.  Good memories.  Sunday, we went to the Flower and Garden festival and walked around in the rain, came home and had family band time, and then watched the Muppets.  I keep putting away the winter gear, and then having to get it back out again.  It's been a strange month.

There is a movie that Kev and I once watched called The Saddest Music in the World.  It is a terrible movie.  Don't watch it.  But I do like a little sad music now and then, and I think Kev may have discovered the saddest song of all time.  It is REALLY sad.  But also really really cool.  How have I gotten this far along in life without ever hearing Townes Van Zandt?

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Gye Greene said...

A sad song indeed.

How about this one?

However, if you have an aversion to synthesizers, then you might not like it.