Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Spring Break - The Travel-y Bits

This rabbit started hanging around our house during Spring Break.  Daphne is convinced it is one of the Easter Bunny's spies.  How else would the Easter Bunny know exactly what Daphne wanted for Easter?  She is working out plans for a trap so she can get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile, our tree looked like this for a couple days.  Spring is good.

On our way to New York, we stopped in Barryville to see my friend Bryce, who lives in the woods.  It was fun to see him, and we laughed a lot about various things, and Daphne got to have a cookie and play with a dachshund, so she is Bryce's biggest fan.

On Friday, Kev's parents babysat so we could go out and celebrate our ninth anniversary.  We went to Calico in Rhinebeck and had excellent food, and I saw these shoes in a window of a shop that was closed.  Aren't they awesome?!  Orange sneakers.  With LIFT! 

On Saturday, Daphne colored Easter eggs with her cousins.  Guess who made the one with the giant orange "D" on it?

Then we put on out Easter Best and went to New Paltz for Easter dinner with the Fowxes.

 It was a really nice day.  There was soccer...

...and marshmallow shooters, and food and dessert and lots of fun with aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.

And on the way back to Hyde Park, Kev stopped in Rhinebeck and bought me the SHOES!  I can't have them until Mother's Day.  But that's all right.  Then I will wear them every single day.

On Easter morning, there were lots of treats and gifts, and a big egg hunt in the yard.

And finally a short visit with Nana before heading back home.  Whew!

Monday, we hit the ground running.  Even though there was an extra day off from school, Daphne and I went anyway for an event to welcome new students.  Daphne was a "tour guide" and she was awesome.  She guided people along, introducing them to the counselor and librarian, and showing them where various rooms are.  Today, was piano and art, and finally back to school for Daphne.  This afternoon is our Daisy meeting.  The whole troop is coming to my house to make garden stones and plant seeds.  It's going to be interesting.

My house is a DISASTER, but there's no time to clean.  Maybe tomorrow.  At least the Daisy meeting is outside.  

My brother mistook some green rubbing alcohol for mouthwash yesterday!  His tongue is numb, and I don't think he can taste food.  I hope that goes away.  

I need a nap, but I think I need to go start mixing cement soon.  I never thought I would be typing such a thing.  

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Gye Greene said...

Love the letter to the E. Bunny!

Green rubbing alc: I didn't know such a thing existed. (Yep; hope it gets better.)