Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Big Birthday and Some Crafty Stuff

Well, here's my six-year-old.  Crazy.  Last night, after a very long day, she got a cupcake.  But the morning started off with a surprise donut delivery from our neighbors:

Then we had field day at school.  I didn't take my camera, but I couldn't have taken pictures even if I wanted to.  From 12:00 to 2:00, I had a constant stream of students coming through my station: The Baseball Throw.  Let's see...I had 10 classes, with an average of about 20 students each, and each student got to throw three baseballs, and that equals, well, a LOT of stooping to retrieve baseballs.  Needless to say, I'm feeling the pain today, especially going up and down the stairs.  But it was fun, and a really nice thing for the kids.  Daphne had a blast.

Plus, since it was her birthday, she got a lot of extra attention in class, and a birthday crown:

 Looks like she was pretty happy, huh?

In the evening, we walked down to Fireworks for pizza birthday dinner.  Daph ordered hers with no sauce, no cheese, just pineapple, apples, and ham.  I hesitate to call that a "pizza," but it was her birthday, and she was happy with it.  Except for the crust, which was soggy from the pineapple juice.  So she just ate the toppings.  Then we came home for the above cupcake, and some presents.  She got, among other things,  a bow and arrow and an American Indian outfit.  This is her brave warrior face:

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying my new coasters:

I was so excited to be able to knit, that I bought this kit at the farm, so that I could make a felted bag:

I am already almost finished knitting it.  I have six rows of the flap to go, then I need to sew up the bottom, make a strap, and felt it. These are the natural un-dyed colors of the karakul sheep at the farm:

Thank you, sheep!

They look a lot like my bag, don't they!

Daphne got a lot of crafty gifts for her birthday.  This is a magnetic mosaic board, which she tried out this morning and loved.  It's going to be a very crafty summer.  Especially if I don't have a car.

I am hoping that tomorrow at the retina office, I get good news that will indicate things are improving, so that once I DO have a car, I will be able to drive it beyond the town.  Until then, though, my confidence is boosted by the fact that I can knit, so I am now going to attempt to ride my bike and see how it goes.  Don't worry, Mom.  I'm just going about 1/2 a mile up the trail to visit Miss B before she moves.  I'll be fine.

UPDATE:  Just returned from a very successful and delightful bike excursion.  In my orange Mother's Day shoes.  Yay!

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