Monday, June 25, 2012


Band Night
Sunday Walk
Lemonade on the Porch
A good weekend all around, even though I was under the weather.  I had a very sore throat for three days, but I feel better now.  Good news, because I thought I was in for a full-blown miserable cold.  I don't have time for such things.

Friday night was band night, and it was great as usual.  Good food, good music, and good people equals good times.  The next one is at our house, which makes me a little nervous, but I have weeks to plan and prepare.  I have a feeling the crock pot will make an appearance, and perhaps disposable dishes.

Saturday, I rested.  Kev took Daphne to the water park, and I went back to bed.  In the evening, we all went to Leesburg's BRAND NEW DAIRY QUEEN!  Yum.  Nothing can soothe a sore throat like ice cream.

Sunday, I got up early and went for a walk by myself.  The town was pretty much deserted and very quiet.  And I managed to get out while it was still cool outside.  I stopped in Shoes for a mocha - first customer of the day.  I wish I could do this every single morning.  I think I would be a lot more fun to be around the rest of the day if I did.

Sunday, I spent the day at home again.  Kev went to the NoVa Brewfest, and Daphne and I experimented with a lemonade recipe for her upcoming lemonade stand.  I did some knitting, and we drank lemonade on the porch, which seems like what Sundays in the summer are made for.

Things are about to get a little crazy around here, and I hope to find some blogging time.  For now, I'm off to get another cup of coffee.  Hope your weekend was good!

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Gye Greene said...

Glad you have a DQ. Pretty sure that the ones in my home town all went out of business. At least, the one my grandma used to take us to.