Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Surprise

You might be wondering why Daphne is standing in the driveway early in the morning in her PJs and sock monkey slippers.  So, I will tell you.

Because, when Kev opened the garage door, a big surprise was revealed.  Daphne's VERY OWN LEMONADE STAND!!!!!!!!

It isn't quite finished yet.  We have to attach the posts and make a banner.  Actually, I made a banner, but it's too long, so we have to make another banner.  Kev was up late last night finishing the painting.  It's really cute, and Daphne was so excited when she saw it.  Today, she's been working on a business plan.  She's having her first sale during the 4th of July parade, and donating half of the profits to the local animal shelter.  Which is awesome.  So, come on by, and bring your dog.  We're giving away dog biscuits when you buy a lemonade!

UPDATE:  We now have a banner.

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Gye Greene said...

Neat-OH!!! :)

"Advice: 5c".