Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chicken Payback

 This summer, Daphne and I have been doing sneaky Random Acts of Kindness. Nothing big, just little stuff like leaving a quarter for someone to find in a gumball machine or holding doors for people. Our most "expensive" RAK was a $5 chick fil a gift card, which we bought and then left in a shoe cubby in the play area with a little "have a nice day" note. Daphne gets really excited about these secret missions, and I think it's a nice lesson. So anyway, today we were running errands, and I went through the chick fil a drive-through to get Daphne some chicken minis because she didn't have any breakfast, and when we got up to the window, the cashier lady said that the person in front of us had paid for our food (which strangely was $5 and some change). Chicken Payback! Daphne was so excited. She said "When you are kind, then someone will be kind back!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that's not always true.

She also recently told me she wants to be just like Mister Rogers because he is the kindest person ever. I will remind her of this next time she rolls her eyes or growls at me.

Anyway, I was happy because this little story reminded me of one of my favorite songs (Chicken Payback by the Bees), so I youTubed it and put it on here just for you! Consider it my RAK for the day. So turn it up and dance around in your kitchen (or cubicle) for the next 4 minutes. You'll be glad you did.


jilly donuts said...

Love this! We did this recently at Wendy's, paid for someone (all Smith's idea), and before the guy would accept our payment, he said the other car cost $23.00. So I hemmed and hawed and finally agreed and said YES we'll pay, then he said he was kidding, it was only $6. Ha!

Love your story and its impact on Daphne.

Gye Greene said...

Great D perspective on Mr. Rogers. :)