Monday, July 09, 2012


It was a colorful weekend.  Friday night, I went to a Mom's Night In with friends...a great night with great people, and I even won a couple of games of pool (thanks to good teammates!). Thanks to Kev for watching Daphne.

Saturday, Daphne went to Manassas, and Kev and I went to the movies.  We saw the Avengers (surprisingly good...Robert Downey Jr. is awesome), and had dinner at Lightfoot (Mushroom Strudel oh yeah!), and did some recording. Thanks to G-Ma and G-Pa and Uncle Jeff for watching Daphne.

It was a very fiddle and yarn intensive weekend, and I can't complain about that. I am in a Bright Color Phase.  Can you tell?

Tomorrow is my (hopefully last) shot in the eyeball.  Then, I am heading into the mountains for a few days.  Kev is staying behind to make beer and do some more recording.  Perhaps a new PPHPHB CD is in the works!

I am going with my mom, Jeff, and Daphne to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (home of Dollywood!) to stay in a giant cabin in the Smoky Mountains with a bunch of my relatives.  I intend to sit and read and knit and look at mountains and not be hot.  And maybe do a zip line.  So, stay tuned for Adventures from Tennessee!  See you next week!


Gye Greene said...

Looking forward to more recorded output. :)


Gye Greene said...

Also: love the juxapositioning of the mic preamps (?) and the knitted/crocheted coaster. :)