Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympics Fever and Fun with Hall and Oates

We have Olympics Fever around here.  I love the Olympics.  Daphne seems to like them too.  I think she has been especially inspired by the swimming and the beach volleyball.  I have been inspired by Oscar Pistorius and the US Women's soccer team and all the nice teenagers with good attitudes who seem to have their acts together as humans.  They have a lot to be proud of.  I hope the world never gets itself into such a bad state that there are no more Olympics.

When we were in Ocean City, we got to watch the sun come up every morning.  We took a lot of pictures, like the one above, that reminded me of  those old TV commercials for 1970s music compilations.  The funny thing is, I LIKE a lot of those songs.  A lot.  A good friend of mine posted on Facebook recently wondering if she should be embarrassed to like Bruno Mars.  I don't know Bruno Mars, but it probably can't be as dorky as liking Hall and Oates.  Not the hand-clap-happy Hall and Oates of the 1980s, mind you, but the early stuff, like this:

Anyway, I don't think people should ever be embarrassed about their musical taste. Music is supposed to make you happy, and if it does, no apologies. Whether you like Bruno Mars, Hall and Oates, Liberace, even.
I say let your freak flag fly!
If Kev ever re-installs my iTunes, I am totally going to make myself one of these awesome Mellow Sounds of the Seventies Mix CDs. (Don't tell him, or he'll never re-install my iTunes.) Here is my track list so far...let me know if you want a copy:

1. Sara Smile (Hall and Oates)
2. How Much I Feel (Ambrosia)
3. She's Gone (Hall and Oates)
4. I Can't Tell You Why (The Eagles)
5. Rikki Don't Lose that Number (Steely Dan)
6. Superstar (The Carpenters)
7. Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack)
8. Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
9. Silly Love Songs (Wings)
10. Fernando (ABBA)
11. Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren)
12. Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac)

We got together with our musical friends on Saturday night, and broke out of our usual bluegrass box a little. SO much fun. We played Tainted Love, Panic (by the Smiths), and a Nirvana song that I can't remember. Looking forward to the next band practice. I may suggest some Hall and Oates! Hope you are all having a good week and enjoying these Olympic games. I am going to get going now and Google this Bruno Mars I keep hearing about...

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jilly donuts said...

Did I ever tell you that one of the singers of Starland is our neighbor? As in, "Afternoon Delight"! Whenever we pass their house, we start to hum...sky rockets in flight! Afternoooon deliiiight! And you may be a bit more judge-y if you heard Bruno Mars - just sayin'. Admitting to the problem is the hard part, right?

I am a huge fan of Pistorius - I liked how he said that if his "footwear" was the reason for his track success, then there would be a whole lot more amputees on the track.

Great pics as always.