Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rewind: Up the Lake


After a week of Girl Scout Camp, I was ready for some relaxing and decompressing.  Camp has this way of consuming a person, and going to the lake place up in New York was like coming up for air.

The first couple of days, we hung out with aunts and uncles and cousins.  Still in Arts and Crafts mode, I tried to inspire the girls to do watercolors of the lake.  They didn't get quite as excited about it as I'd hoped, but they humored me for a few minutes before the Lure of Swimming in the Lake was too strong.   So, I let them go, and did my own painting, which wasn't very good, but wasn't horrible either.  My 3-year-old nephew took a look at it and said, "Hey! Dat's da wake!"  So at least he could tell what it was supposed to be.  Good or bad, I really enjoyed doing it.  Very relaxing.  I can see why my dad likes painting so much.

After everyone left, there was a lot of time spent going for boat rides.  In the mornings, it was cold, so there was always a nice misty fog on the lake.  So pretty.  Kev took this picture:

Morning boat rides are my favorite.  We all got turns at rowing.

I tended to go in circles, but Daphne was very good at it.

I think Daphne's favorite thing was catching fish in the net.  She caught about five.  I think it might have been the same fish every time. 

She also enjoyed "diving" for shells with her mask and snorkel:

I think Kev's favorite thing was this:

The Dutchess County Fair was on, so we were able to get our annual 4H milkshakes, ride the Fun Slide:

 and the Ferris Wheel:

And see some llamas.  I love llamas.

 The critters back at the lake were much scarier:

Attack of the Baby Snapper

So, it was a good trip.  A mix of action-packed-ness with everyone and quiet time with Kev and Daphne.  Good friends.  Good food.  And I read a whole book. 

 And there was no foam or pipe cleaners or screamers.  The lake is good.

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