Monday, September 17, 2012

Highs and Lows

Thursday morning, I sent Daphne off to school in her Daisy tunic (and hedgehog socks), all ready for the first meeting of the year.  Then, I headed off on my bike, determined to make it past the barn.  And I did.  I got all the way to this little rest area near the fairgrounds, adding a little over a mile to my trip.  Woohoo!

These guys were there, waiting for me.  Turkey vultures looking for an easy meal.  But I showed them!  I was hardly even tired!

These guys were there, too.  It's such a pretty ride on the trail.  And it's only going to get prettier over the next few weeks.  Fall is my favorite.

Thursday afternoon, I went to school for our Big First Meeting.  Decoupage.  So much fun.  And the girls were awesome.  Very meticulous and neat.  I think they had fun with the project and now we have a place to put all of Daphne's girl scout SWAPS.  Plus any time you get to use Mod Podge is a good time.

Friday night, Kev went to the pub with Misters Tim and Jeff.  They were on a mission to see what the open mic situation is like in there, as there is some talk of taking our little house band out into the world of Live Performance.   I'm not sure how I feel about all that.  But Kev said nobody in the bar was even paying attention to the music, so maybe I could do it.  We'll see.

While they were out, I had a delightful evening with a bowl of ice cream, some yarn and needles, and Project Runway.

And then I woke up Saturday morning with a head cold.  It was a bummer, too, because Kev and I had big plans involving bike rides and Oktoberfests.  Daphne went to spend the night with G-ma, G-pa, and Uncle Jeff, but instead of having fun with Kev, I got reacquainted with my old friend, Neti Pot.  We did get out for some really good Indian food at Rangoli before my cold got full-blown.  It was DE-licious.  I can't wait to go back there.  But yesterday, I spent the entire day on the couch, feeling like a zombie.

Today I am a little better.  My family took good care of me.  Kev made chicken soup with dumplings (Daphne peeled the carrots!), and Daphne made me a nice card.  I plan to get some rest today so I can get back to my groove tomorrow.  Nothing can throw off a groove like being sick.  At least I'm getting some knitting done.

OK...back to the couch!  Hope y'all had a good weekend! 

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Gye Greene said...

OTOH, getting sick once in a while reminds you how great it is to feel ''normal''. ;)