Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pin-Testing and Pie-Making and Musical Parenting

Yesterday, I was browsing around Pinterest when I came across this pin.  "I will try that right now!" I said to myself.  And I did.  Above is my oven door BEFORE.  (So embarrassing).

Here is my oven door covered in a paste made of water and baking soda:


Then (cue the Jeopardy music) I went upstairs to shower, check email, make the bed, etc.

And below, is my oven door AFTER wiping off the paste.  WHOA!  The GLARE!  It's not spotless, but it's pretty dang clean.


You can actually SEE through it!

Sad and Empty
I thought to myself, this oven looks sad and empty.  Why not make PIE!?!  So, I did.

Happier Oven - with Pie
Now, baking soda and water paste is no big secret in the world of cleaning stuff.  I've just never tried it.  Until now.  And I'm sold.  I wonder if this will work on the tiles in my shower.  It seems another experiment is in order.

The other night, Daphne was lamenting that she doesn't know all the songs her friends sing and talk about at school.  That is because we don't listen to Top 40 at home.  Ever.  Because to us, it is bad bad music.  But we felt sort of bad for Daphne.  So Kev youTubed some Dynamite song she was talking about and played it for her, and then I googled DC Top 40 radio, and we set the receiver to Hot 99.5 so she could listen for a little while.  It was sort of excruciating.  We listened to about 5 songs, but it sounded more like one long (really bad) song.  I think Daphne appreciated the gesture, but I could tell she wasn't really enjoying the music much either.  Kev said, "Daph, just let us know if you want to listen to something else."  And she did.  And I was cheering on the inside.

That being said, I don't want her to not listen to that music just because I don't like it.  My parents pretty much let me listen to whatever I wanted as a kid, and that was a good thing.  I went through phases, from Sound of Music to Andy Gibb to Kiss to the Beatles to Iron Maiden to Adam and the Ants to REM to Hank Williams and so on and they never said a word, even though they probably hated most of it.

So, Daphne, you can listen to whatever you want.  Except Lady Gaga.  No, you can even listen to Lady Gaga if you really want to.  With headphones, please.

But I don't think she's gonna really want to.  It isn't what she likes.  Here she is, listening to what she likes:

Which is this: of the best songs ever written. In my Top Ten for sure. Good girl.

 Rock on, Little Peanut. 


jilly donuts said...

We don't do Lady Gaga. I have put my foot down for that one! There have to be some parental limits...

Gye Greene said...

I gotta say: I bought the Lady Gaga album that has "Poker Face" -- and it actually has some catchy songs with pretty clever lyrics. And I believe she actually writes most of her own music.

That "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" song by One Direction is danged clever, too. It's just about the perfect product -- down to the "Na na na na na" bridge that allows listeners to sing along without having to memorize additional lyrics.