Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer of New Things

We have declared this the Summer of Trying New Things.  So far, most of the New Things have been foods.  Like this Kiwano Melon.   None of us are sure how to pronounce it, so we just call it the weird melon.  And it is weird.  It is green and sort of slimy inside, and tastes a little cucumbery.  Daphne liked it.  She gave it an 8.

Yesterday, Daphne and Kev decided to make Hawaiian Salad, with mango, pineapple, watermelon, and 2 new things, at least new to Daphne:  papaya, and fresh coconut, which we cracked open with some difficulty.  You can guess whether or not Daphne enjoyed this salad:

She got all dressed up for it, and entertained us with the Hawaiian Salad Hula:

I am not a fan of mango, papaya, or coconut, but in the spirit of things, I tried them all and have to say the mango was really good. 

The New Thing I am most looking forward to trying this summer is a lobster roll in Maine.  There are many new things I'd LIKE to try but probably won't get to, like basket-weaving and sleeping in a yurt.  Maybe someday.  It's good to have goals.

We are going to make a New Things chart to see who can get the most points this summer.  I don't think we've decided on a prize yet, but I bet it will involve ice cream.

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