Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Big Mother's Day of Awesomeness

Someone was excited about Mother's Day.  

Excited enough to wake up before 6:00 am and construct a Mother's Day tree so that there would be something to put the gifts under.

It was a very handmade Mother's Day.  In addition to the tree, Daphne made me a little paper flower garden and this ceramic German Shepherd, whom we have named Fritz.

Fritz came wrapped in custom hand-drawn Star Wars gift wrap:

And I got a handmade card:

Kev gave me The Gift of Vacation - we're all going to a cabin for a weekend in October.  I can not wait.

We spent a large part of the day on the porch.  We tried to go to a winery for a picnic, but they were all ridiculously crowded, so we had a picnic in the front yard instead.  It was way better.

I like Mother's Day.  I don't have to cook, and I get to hang out with my family, and everyone is extra nice to me.  Let's have Mother's Day more often!

So, Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other good moms out there who have the hardest but best job ever.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did.  Thanks, family!

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Gye Greene said...

"Mother's Day Tree": Both clever and creative.

Picnic in the front yard: Ooh! We should do that!