Monday, May 12, 2014

The Week in Pictures

Kev was gone on work travel all last week, so Daphne and I were on our own.  I took care of the garden and taught my knitting class.

Daphne went to school and did homework.  We tried to make it more fun by doing it at the coffee shop.

We had a gluten free week.  Someone recommended this Rudi's bread.  It's pretty terrible.  But when it's toasted with a whole bunch of avocado and some salt on it, you can hardly tell it's gluten free.

I also made chili.  Kev doesn't really like my style of chili, but Daphne does, so we enjoyed it.  All Texas-ed up, with fritos and cheese.  There may or may not have been chili dogs later in the week.

The Girl Scouts made some planters for the entrance to the school, and then did a Relay for Life walk for cancer.  It was so hot, but the kids didn't complain.  We walked for Uncle Dennis.  Daphne did two miles.  She was a disaster when we got home.

But she cleans up real good.

Friday, she made a sign:

And Saturday, we celebrated Kev's return (YAY!!!!) with dinner out at the pho place.  Because I don't cook on Mother's Day weekend.

Daphne worked on her chopsticks skills.  

I had Vietnamese tilapia.  It was delicious.  Go figure.

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Gye Greene said...

It's hard to make gluten-free breads and cakes: something about the texture.

My nickname for "gluten-free" is "glutton free".

("Hey, you want some more of this cake?" "Eh -- no thanks.")